5 Essential Reasons Why You Should Learn CPR

The sad fact about humans is that we are vulnerable. We are aware of how vulnerable we are, and we go ahead to learn how to take care of others and ourselves. First Aid and CPR are essential methods we should all learn to save a situation if such a case it arises.

You may find this unnecessary, but you never know what to do in case of an accident or a situation. CPR helps keep the flow of both blood and oxygen.

It also raises survival chances for people who suffer from a heart attack or choking. You’ll have to do chest compression often with artificial aeration.

Here are five reasons you should learn CPR

Saves Lives

CPR can help save lives. Heart disease is on the rise, and your First Aid and CPR skills could come in handy. You will be proud to save a life by administering CPR to increase their survival.

The sad truth is that, if you get a heart attack outside a hospital, you are likely to die. Get to learn CPR and First Aid skills. You never know when people may need your help.

Heart Disease Prevalence

The numbers of people with heart disease are rising. You cannot believe how many people die every day due to cardiac arrest. The figures are heartbreaking.

You can change this narrative. Enroll for First Aid and CPR course and learn something new.

Confidence Boost

Let’s face it; completing a CPR course means learning something new. You’ll know something you did not know before. You get to know the crucial things that make you feel confident.

The confidence you need to change yourself from being a bystander to lifesaver. When you meet a situation that requires the CPR skills, you’ll not act confused and clueless.

For Anyone

Anyone can get to learn CPR, and everyone should. You’ll hate yourself when someone needs CPR, but you know nothing.

Guilt is a heavy burden! Do not feel helpless in case someone gets a heart attack.

Enroll now in institutions like Alert First Aid. As long as you are willing to learn, that’s all that matters.

Prevents Brain Collapse

Brain death takes place four to six minutes after the heart fails to beat. CPR administration will keep blood flow in check. Also, it will provide oxygen to the brain and other organs.

By doing this, you’ll give the victim a better chance to live. Give a victim CPR within the first minutes of a heart attack. This will double their survival chances.


Understanding the benefits and importance of CPR is the first step in helping people. Most of the Cardiac arrests occur at home.

The funny thing is that victims seem healthy. They are not aware of heart illness or risk factors. Make a great move by enrolling and completing the training.

Learn how to perform First Aid and CPR. Take power into your hands. It might be one time your loved one’s life may be on the line and needs saving.