5 Essential Work-Life Balance Tips for a Healthier Life

Fearing the loss of your job, wanting to get incentives at the end of the month, not willing to say ‘no’ to the boss while being given an extra task, thus being continuously exhausted and not finding happiness either at work or elsewhere… If this sounds familiar, then welcome to the club.

Today, work-life balance has become a constant struggle for most people. With technology making employees more and more accessible when the duty calls — and sometimes when it does not — and the rising fear to lose job-security, employees all over the world report working extra hours. Nearly half of U.S. employees work more than 65 hours per week.

But does working more mean achieving more results?

Apparently, experts agree that working more does not necessarily mean working more productively. Moreover, the overall stress from endless working hours hurts relationships, health, and happiness in general.

To help you work and live smarter, we came up with a list of 5 essential work-life balance tips to improve your health and your overall productivity.

Tip #1. Give up perfectionism and learn to prioritize

People usually develop perfectionism when they are young and life is relatively easier. But at some point, with continually rising responsibilities it is important to understand that being a perfectionist is no longer possible.

Giving up on perfectionism does not mean doing half of the work or becoming irresponsible.

On the contrary, it means being realistic and being able to prioritize the tasks and duties of your life. Instead of doing 10 things a day, learn to concentrate on 3-5 most important and urgent things. Learning to give up perfectionism means learning to strive for excellence.

Tip #2. Reduce time-wasting activities and people

Taking care of yourself means doing what is important to you and getting rid of activities that waste your time and give no result. If you want to achieve work-life balance, you should start working and living smarter.

Usually, people are more productive when they concentrate on what they are good at. It increases not only their productivity and engagement but also positively influences their self-confidence and self-esteem.

So take some time to identify your top strengths and character traits and think of how you can incorporate your strengths into your daily activities. You will immediately realize how fast your productivity rises.

Tip #3. Set clear goals and focus on results

Being completely absorbed into your everyday work can sometimes blur up your goals simply because you do not have time to reflect on them. But setting clear and measurable goals will help manage your work in a more fruitful way and nurture your everyday motivation.

Instead of focusing on how much time you spend on each task, focus on the results you want to achieve. Sometimes it is better to have a smaller number of responsibilities but be able to deliver and achieve results. It also leads to a bigger sense of achievement, motivation, and confidence.

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Tip #4. Know when to say ‘no’

If you are having a hard time finding a perfect work-life balance, chances are high you probably do not know how to say ‘no’ to many things.

Saying ‘no’ does not mean refusing to do your job duties. It is about not doing all the extra things that do nothing but waste your time. Learning to say ‘no’ also means having enough self-respect and self-confidence to live life on your own terms and do what brings happiness to you and your family.

Take a couple of minutes before saying ‘no’ and ask yourself if the extra thing they are asking for is really important to you. If the answer is no, then confidently refuse to take on that responsibility. Saying ‘no’ means learning to do what matters most in your life.

Tip #5. Do not forget to relax

One thing is certain: no work-life balance is possible if you do not take some time to relax and regain your strengths. Learn to dedicate a couple of hours every week to self-care: exercise, do some mindful meditation, spend time with your friends, laugh a lot and do what makes you happy.

We often underestimate the importance of self-care by thinking that it is never a priority. But when your body and mind are not rested, no balance is going to be possible. So stop thinking that your body is a powerful vessel that does not need recharging. Learn to love yourself enough to take care of your body and soul.

Even though finding work-life balance creates more headache than it actually resolves, there are some essential steps you can take to reduce the stress of finding work-life balance.

The important thing is to practice the tips every day and to not forget that everything is under your control. It is just a question of priority.

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About the author: Anatoli Chernyaev is a content marketing manager born in Armenia and currently living in France. A strong believer in the power of strength-awareness and strengths use, he writes about various topics such as self-awareness, positive thinking, personal development, and career advice. In his free time, he travels around the world in search of inspiration and positivity.