5 Eye-opening Reasons You Need To Be Taking Supplements

Only 5% of Americans are currently meeting the nutritional guidelines needed to live a happy, healthier life. 

Even if you eat right, exercise, and schedule regular appointments with your doctor, the unfortunate reality is that you may still not be getting all the vitamins and minerals you need. 

Blame it on processed foods, a high sugar intake, or just the fact that so few of us have the time to cook anymore. 

Taking supplements is likely the solution you’ve been looking for. 

But why do we need supplements, and what are the benefits of taking them? 

Keep on reading this post to find out.

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1. You’ll Just Feel Better

You’re not usually the type to admit it, but the truth is that you just haven’t been feeling like yourself lately. 

You’ve been having some serious trouble falling asleep. Even when you do, the quality of sleep you’re getting doesn’t exactly leave you feeling ready to conquer the next day. 

Supplements and vitamins can help. 

Especially for those with sleep problems, we recommend adding a little melatonin to your bedtime regime. 

The good news is that, unlike many prescription sleeping pills, melatonin won’t leave you feeling exhausted the next morning. 

Another thing that you feel like is a bit “off” about yourself lately? Your overall mood. 

You’ve been depressed, find yourself dwelling on problems, and you’re seriously anxious. Vitamins can help with your emotional state, as well. We suggest taking St. John’s Wort if you’ve been feeling depressed lately.

You should also take a hard look at your vitamin D levels. The truth is that a lack of sunlight and vitamin D can seriously impact your mood. 

For anxiety, try supplements like ashwagandha or even L-Theanine. They’re great alternatives to prescription medications that can often come with harsh side effects — and a hefty bill from your mental health professional. 

2. They Improve Your Appearance

Do you need supplements for your looks just as much as you do for your diet? 

The answer is, absolutely yes. 

First of all, when you get enough vitamins, you help to fight off free radicals that can both damage and age your skin prematurely. Especially if you’re concerned with anti-aging, we suggest that you give collagen supplements a try. 

Vitamins also help your skin to fight off breakouts and can even bring you that coveted glow. 

But they do more than improve your skin alone. 

If you’re tired of those brittle, jagged nails that never seem to grow? You should give biotin a try. In addition to hardening your nails, biotin also helps to promote hair growth and adds a serious amount of shine to your locks. 

No expensive and greasy products required!

3. They Fill in Gaps in Your Diet

Perhaps the most important reason why taking supplements matters is that they can help to fill in the gaps in your diet. 

In some cases, allergies and other health conditions may prevent you from eating certain foods. Sometimes, you avoid foods simply as a matter of personal preference. 

This can often mean that you don’t get enough of the vitamins and minerals you need.

A poor diet influences so much of your life. 

It can make it hard to focus, make you age faster, make you more likely to get sick, and even impact your vision. You just can’t play fast and loose with your health — especially if you’re older or have serious pre-existing conditions.

Remember to always talk to your doctor before you begin taking any supplements, especially if you’re currently taking any kind of prescription medication. 

4. They Keep Your Heart Healthy

In the United States, heart disease is the most common reason for death in both men and women. 

While exercising and trying to cut out fatty foods from your diet will help to keep your heart healthy, the truth is that you likely need to be doing more to counteract heart disease. 

It’s much easier than you think for plaque to build up in your arteries and block the normal flow of blood throughout the body. 

Supplements can actively reduce your overall risk of heart disease. 

Especially if you have a history of poor heart health in your family, you should focus on getting plenty of vitamin B12, magnesium, K1, and B6. 

5. You’ll Have a Stronger Immune System 

The final entry on our list of the best reasons to take supplements? 

They can do wonders for your body’s immune system. Especially if you’re in the midst of cold and flu season, or if you seem to always catch whatever bug is going around lately, supplements and vitamins can help. 

You should try focusing on supplements that are high in Vitamins C, D, and E, or take 90 for life. In addition to helping your immune system, these vitamins will also ease the symptoms of seasonal allergies. 

Is Taking Supplements Right for You?

We hope that this post has helped you to better understand just how important taking supplements is when you’re looking to improve your physical and mental state. 

Remember to make sure you’re buying only high-quality supplements, and read the reviews before you make any purchasing decisions. 

Looking for more ways to improve your diet to help you feel better? On the hunt for natural anti-aging techniques? Want to explore wellness options to help you to align your chakras? 

We’ve got you covered. 

Keep on checking back with us to get access to the latest tips and tricks in all things health.