5 Factors To Consider When Buying A Spin Bike

A spin bike is a great indoor exercise bike you can use safely at home to burn some calories, lose weight and stay fit, without going to the gym. It usually provides some figure friendly exercises from spinning style workouts, cycle training among other fitness routines that often require outdoor training.

There are different types of spin bikes in the current market, all with different features, specifications as well as price tags. This can make it hard for you to pick the best one for your fitness needs.

However, after you have gotten your facts right about spin bikes you can always start with the best of Brice’s spin bikes. They are affordable, user-friendly and most of all versatile when it comes to different fitness routines.

Nonetheless, we have got you covered when it comes to buying a spin bike. With some top factors to consider apart from the usual ones you know like, price, brand, warranty, ease of maintenance and essential accessories.


  • Flywheel


The flywheel weight should be the first thing you consider before buying a spin bike. This is because it tells the comfort, quality, and fluidity of pedaling. The heavier it is the better, as it removes the jerkiness in motion that is often experienced with lighter flywheels.

Note that the pedals are always attached to the flywheel by a belt drive or a chain and have a fixed gear. Therefore, when the flywheel turns the pedal turns and the heavier it is the harder it becomes to pedal, but your feet needs to keep moving until you stop pedaling or apply the brakes.

The best weight for a flywheel should be anywhere between 30-50lbs. This way you get the same riding experience as you would with an outdoor bike.


  • Console


This often depends on your budget, as a lack of it can lower the spin bike price. Nonetheless, it is important to have a spin bike console, even if you are adding it afterward. This is because a console can help you track your workout progress.

Normal consoles often show time elapsed and distance traveled, as well as speed, heart rate and calories burnt. Still, you need to record the information manually since it is always lost immediately the console goes off.

The point is that a console is important for every spin bike, especially if you are training solo at home. It can motivate you to work out longer for better fitness results.


  • Resistance


Spin bikes often come with magnetic or friction resistance. You can find lower end models with manual controlled resistance and high-end ones with adjustable resistance with a breakdown system, in case of emergency stop control.

Note that changing the resistance will make the pedal movement tougher, thus the burn up of more calories for better workout results.


  • Maximum User Weight


The weight of a spin bike and that of its user are interlinked.  Therefore, always go for the one that is within your weight range. You can check the information on the manufacturer specification section. Otherwise, you are just wasting time, as nothing will work as expected.

A lighter spin bike usually has a lower maximum user weight for its users, somewhere within 90-100kg. While heavy and medium-weight spin bikes, tend to have a higher maximum user weight varying from 120-150kg.

However, if your weight is just touching the maximum user weight of the spin bike then go for the next higher model, to avoid problems.


  • Height Adjustments


Height adjustments vary from spin bike to spin bike, with the most expensive and best ones allowing you to adjust the handlebars and seat in four directions that is backward, forward, downward and upward. This allows for a better workout without any strains or injuries.

Still, with all these four flexible adjustments, it might not still work for you. So check on it first and do not assume it will fit you.

Likewise, there are some with handlebars that move up and down only, and a seat that can be adjusted in four directions.

In addition, some spin bikes have no handlebar adjustment but do have a seat that you can move. They are less expensive and ideal for those who do not participate in intense exercises.


In conclusion, you should do basic research on spin bikes before you buy it, as it is a onetime investment. So get it right. Otherwise, it is the best workout machine for those who like to workout at home.


Photo by Dawn – Pink Chick