5 Key Facts About Medicinal Marijuana You Should Know About

Weed, Mary Jane, pot, dope. These are words you’ve heard used to talk about marijuana. But they generally refer to marijuana that’s used to get high.

Medicinal marijuana, on the other hand, is not used for getting high. It’s usually used for pain management, but there are other things you should understand. Keep reading for five key facts about medicinal marijuana that you should know.

1. THC

Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is a chemical found in the marijuana plant. It’s one of the main chemicals used in medicinal marijuana.

THC is what gives marijuana users the “high” feeling. It attaches to receptors in the brain and affects the person’s thinking, feeling, coordination, and even their memory.

A high comes from the dopamine your body releases in response to the THC. Dopamine creates good feelings, which is why this is all used for some people’s pain management.

THC can also impair motor skills and cause some long-term damage, which is why its recreational use isn’t encouraged. The amount of THC in medicinal marijuana is carefully controlled and reported, so you should know how much you’re getting.

2. CBD

CBD refers to cannabidiol. It’s another chemical found in marijuana and the other main chemical used for medicinal marijuana. Unlike THC, it doesn’t deliver a high.

It causes a feeling of relaxation, which is why it’s used in medicinal marijuana. It doesn’t have the psychological effects of THC, so it’s considered safer or less risky.

Quality of CBD matters, though. It’s not federally regulated so some sellers can have false advertising about it. You want pure CBD, or to know exactly how much THC it contains.

3. How Does It Help?

Medicinal marijuana is used to treat or help a number of ailments. Because of its relaxing properties, it’s especially used in pain management. Like reducing inflammation, relaxing muscles, and controlling nausea.

Its properties can also help other issues like anxiety and loss of appetite. The great thing about medicinal marijuana is that it’s been shown to benefit many different areas of the body, which can help improve people’s quality of life.

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4. What Exactly Is It Used to Treat?

Speaking of improving quality of life, what actual ailments is medicinal marijuana used to treat? The answer to this is truly a spectrum. Here are just a few of the conditions that people take medicinal marijuana for:

Medicinal marijuana is not proven to cure any of these things, but many sufferers have certainly found success in managing symptoms.

5. How Do You Take It?

Some people might be hesitant to try medicinal marijuana in their own treatment plan because they don’t want to smoke it. Don’t worry, you don’t have to!

Medicinal marijuana can be smoked, but it can also be vaped, eaten (“pot brownies,” for instance), dropped under your tongue in liquid form, or applied topically in a lotion. You can most likely find a method that suits you.

Understand the Benefits of Medicinal Marijuana

Maybe you knew marijuana was used medicinally but didn’t quite know how or why. With these five key facts, now you know more about medicinal marijuana.

There are benefits to it, so it’s worth learning and understanding as much as you can. Many plants have medicinal qualities, like marijuana, so don’t forget about them when you’re looking for treatment. And read our other articles about health and wellness!