5 Myths About CBD You Should Reconsider Before Trying

CBD treatments are becoming more popular by the day, with millions of Americans enjoying the increasingly-accepted status of cannabis and contributing to a rapidly-budding industry. Despite the growing importance of CBD when it comes to medical treatments, however, many everyday people are still deeply unfamiliar with this cannabinoid and mistakenly believe misleading myths which can cloud the truth. If medicinal cannabis is to become widely accepted for long, everyday people must be able to discern the truth about CBD and its medical impacts.

Here are 5 myths about CBD you should reconsider before trying it for the first time.

1. No, CBD doesn’t get you high

The biggest and most misleading myth surrounding CBD is that it gets you high as if it were the same thing as traditional marijuana. In reality, however, CBD is a cannabinoid which has no hallucinatory psychoactive effects on your brain following consumption, so you don’t have to worry about your state of mind suddenly changing. This doesn’t mean that CBD is ineffective, but rather that it’s fundamentally different from THC, another cannabinoid which most people are familiar with as an active ingredient in marijuana that most recreational users seek out.

This means that those interested in CBD can safely browse a selection of CBD topicals without having to worry about getting high or suffering from other psychoactive effects which would make you uncomfortable. The impact of CBD is usually much milder than that of THC, which is why it’s increasingly being harnessed for medical treatments aimed towards younger folds and the elderly.

2. No, CBD isn’t only for adults

Yes, you read that last bit correctly – CBD treatments are now being relied upon by children and the elderly, which is a positive sign of progress in terms of how the medical community is dealing with pain management and the alleviation of various other symptoms like seizures. Medical studies have proven that CBD can, just like Medicaid kids dentist, produce benefits for children, especially if they’re suffering from insomnia. Elsewhere, CBD is being thoroughly studied by scientists who believe it may hold the cure to mitigating seizures which often occur as a consequence of epilepsy.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that CBD is some recreational drug suitable only for adults. It’s becoming widely recognized as a valuable medical treatment which can alleviate suffering in a wide range of patients, including children and the elderly. Parents who are interested in CBD treatments should nevertheless consult their medical professionals before embarking on any new treatment plans.

3. No, CBD isn’t outlawed in professional sports

Many people continue to mistakenly believe that CBD is outlawed in professional sports much in the same way that traditional, recreational marijuana is. While many professional sports leagues and international athletic bodies still frown upon recreational marijuana consumption, most intelligent athletes have long since realized that CBD isn’t just acceptable but is indeed becoming crucial to the future of sports.

Professional athletes are now going out of their way to advocate for CBD, demonstrating its efficacy by relying on CBD treatments themselves before or after games. When it comes to bolstering athletic recovery in particular, CBD treatments are catching on like wildfire amongst professionals looking to up their game. Those who think that CBD is non gratis in professional sports in the same fashion as recreational marijuana can reconsider the consequences of relying on CBD treatments if they’re on a team.

4. CBD production will always be expensive

While some critics of CBD have finally begrudgingly admitted that it has serious potential in the field of medicine, they continue to assert that it will always be prohibitively expensive and thus unavailable to those who don’t have plenty of disposable income. Nothing could be further from the truth, however, as agricultural, scientific, and political breakthroughs are all occurring at once in such a fashion as to propel CBD to new and greater heights than ever before. As a matter of fact, we could be witnessing much-cheaper CBD production within just a few years’ time.

That’s according to a US 2018 Farm Bill which aimed to make the cultivation of CBD easier for producers who are looking to sate the hungry appetites of consumers. Whereas many people in the past doubtlessly struggled with steep prices as a result of cannabis’ illegal status, patients of the future will have access to better and cheaper CBD than ever before.

5. CBD will impact everyone the same

One of the more dangerous myths surrounding CBD is that it will have the same impact on everyone who takes it. Those who are interested in CBD treatments should understand the crucial point that no two patients react in the same way to the consumption of CBD. In other words, don’t expect to have the same results as your friends or family members did when they tried it out for the first time. Those interested in CBD should consult a medical professional before perusing the many options available in the modern marketplace.