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  • How CBD Oil is A Lifeline for Anxiety Patients

    Stress and anxiety are one of the biggest modern world problems. Right now, there are around 40 million adults in the US who are suffering from an anxiety disorder. Almost 15% of children are struggling with this disease as well. What’s worse, these numbers tend to grow, and according to estimations, 33% of the world […]

  • This Five Impressive Benefits Of CBD You Should Know!

    The discovery of Cannabidiol (CBD), a subset of the Cannabinoids found in Cannabis Sativa Plants has been nothing short of revolutionary. How else can the serial legalization of ‘marijuana’ substances in states across the United States be explained? And deservedly so, since CBD brings so many therapeutic benefits to the table, even after excluding the […]

  • List of Top 10 CBD Health Benefits

    Many researchers are finding that cannabidiol, or CBD, can help cure many different ailments. While it derives from the marijuana plant, CBD is not the hallucinogen in marijuana. When it is extracted from the plant, it has certain properties that can do a lot of good for human health.  It primarily comes from hemp, which […]

  • Tips for New Medical Cannabis Users

    The world is slowly shifting its views on marijuana, and gone are the days when using the substance constitutes felony charges and jail time.  Today’s changing times recognizes the benefits and effects of medical marijuana, which allows the body to undergo Decarboxylation. This is mainly useful for patients suffering from specific ailments and physical conditions. […]

  • Three Natural Ingredients That Will Clear Your Skin

    Won’t that pesky acne, dry skin, or blackheads leave you alone? You’ve tried the harsh chemicals; how about you considering using natural forms of treatment? After all, mother nature has given us everything we need to keep ourselves healthy and happy. So, read on for natural ways to get and maintain clear skin. CBD Oil […]

  • The Most Effective Ways to Use CBD Oil

    Although there are a number of benefits to CBD oil, the benefits of CBD are not the only thing you should consider when it comes to using it. You also need to think about how you’re going to use the CBD oil. There are a variety of things that can change the efficacy of your […]

  • The Medicinal Uses of Cannabis

    Cannabis is a substance produced by the Cannabis sativa plant, sometimes known as the hemp plant. Over the years two distinct cultivars of Cannabis sativa have been developed. The first one, often called ganja or marijuana, produces extremely high levels of THC, which produces an altered state of consciousness that some people find pleasurable and […]

  • 9 Cannabis Health Benefits Backed by Science

    We’re experiencing a boom in the marijuana industry, and with federal legalization right around the corner, it will only go uphill from here. From pharmaceutical companies to Kusheo CBD marketing, everyone is diving in headfirst to a territory that should have been explored ages ago.  Studies have found varying degrees of health benefits from the […]

  • Health Benefits of CBD in The Body

    Over the last decades, cannabidiol has been known for the production of illegal and harmful substances to the body. However, with more experience and extensive research, it is now clear that CBD has many benefits to the body. For this reason, by taking the CBD dosage as instructed by your doctor, there are more benefits […]

  • Kenneth Pettine Explains the Medical Benefits of CBD

    Many people don’t look beyond the trendy nature of CBD, and therefore don’t realize that CBD has some substantial medical benefits. In fact, many professionals like Kenneth Pettine recommend it to help with numerous medical conditions. Even though there isn’t a whole lot of research out there, the research that has been done shows that […]