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  • How To Determine The Right CBD Oil Dosage For Every Use

    What is the correct or right CBD oil dosage for every use? To get things straight, there’s no one universal approach for every CBD oil user. Each person has their tolerance level and needs, so this must also come as a consideration.  Additionally, some factors, such as the level of pain or discomfort to be […]

  • Can Cannabis Help Us Against Coronavirus?

    Our common enemy right now is the coronavirus (COVID-19). It all started in China then it spread almost in the whole world.  As for now, there are more than 280,000 total confirmed cases around the world. China leads with 81,304 cases, followed by Italy with 47,021 people infected with the coronavirus. Although there are more […]

  • CBD Oil for Treating Your Dogs

    CBD oil is so popular these days for reasons that are not far-fetched. First, the passage of the farm bill legalized the use of hemp which is the plant from which it comes from. Secondly, it has many health benefits which are not only targeted at humans but also animals. It is used to treat […]

  • A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding CBD Products and How They Work

    For quite some time now, CBD has started to get more and more attention. The media is talking about it, people living with chronic conditions are considering using it, and others are just curious about what this new miracle treatment is. But despite constant media buzz, people are still not sure what CBD is, what […]

  • Health Benefits of Cannabis you Should Know

    People have used cannabis (also known as weed or marijuana) to treat several diseases for at least 3000 years, said by the national institute of health. But cannabis has not been considered safe or effective by the food and drug administration in the treatment of different medical conditions. However, the cannabidiol, an element found in […]

  • Hemp Oil Or CBD? Which One Should You Choose

    It is not surprising that some people get confused about the difference between hemp oil and CBD (also called cannabidiol). This is because there is already confusion that exists about the difference between the hemp plant and the marijuana plant, from which they are derived. So to understand whether you should choose hemp oil or […]

  • CBD and Sleep Disorder

    CBD and other members of the cannabinoid system have shown an excellent level of activity on the several systems of the body. Although these activities may have been tested on laboratory animals and few participants, the role of CBD in eliciting a vast array of therapeutic benefits cannot be overemphasized.  In this article, we shall […]

  • How does medical marijuana affect your health?

    Even a generation ago, marijuana was regarded as the “Devil’s plant” that could make you go insane. Thankfully, the times have changed, and now there is research proving that it has multiple beneficial effects for the human brain and body. Many people use marijuana for pain management. Most of the common painkillers are highly addictive. […]

  • 4 Ways CBD Help You Quit Smoking

    Giving up cigarette smoking is way more challenging than it looks like. It’s utterly exhausting, most especially if a smoker’s body has already become dependent on the habit of smoking and the chemicals that they intake when they smoke.  It’ll feel like you’re fighting your own body’s wants and instincts. You could also experience adverse […]