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  • Why Potency Matters in Medical Marijuana

    “Potency” is a term that describes the levels of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. THC is a cannabinoid, or a compound unique to cannabis, that overwhelms the body’s systems and causes users to feel high. The more THC present in a strain of marijuana or a cannabis product, the more extreme the effects of that high become. […]

  • How Can CBG Oil Help You?

    You’ve probably heard of CBD oil, a health remedy that’s spread across the United States and the world thanks to its potent health benefits, but other minor cannabis-derived oils can also prove highly useful. One of these is CBG oil, which stands for cannabigerol. Interest in this substance has picked up in recent years, and […]

  • 5 Tips to Make Your Face Glow

    If you’ve already done a lifestyle glow up, chances are you want the skin to match your newfound mental and/or physical and emotional transformation.  We all want that gorgeous, glowy skin that seems so hard to achieve yet so prominent on social media and on other people we see in passing.  So what is the […]

  • The Medical Potential of CBG Oil

    CBG, also known as Cannabigerol, is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. The plant produces CBGA, where “A” stands for acid, which means CBGA is an acidic form of a cannabigerol. CBG acts as a psychological buffer of THC to alleviate the paranoia caused by higher levels of THC.  According to new studies, […]

  • How to Take CBD as a Natural Pain Reliever

    Ibuprofen and aspirin is the most common method to relieve any type of pain, but there is a natural alternative, which is CBD. Many people have been hesitant about using CBD for pain, as there is an idea that it could act as a psychoactive but that is not accurate. CBD has gone under many […]

  • Are CBD Infused Products As Effective As Pure Oils?

    When cannabis-centered research flourished in the healthcare industry, a cannabis compound known as cannabidiol (CBD) took the world by storm. Shortly after, CBD has been legalized for healthcare consumption in various regions around the world. Ranging from cosmetics to wellness products, CBD became a star ingredient. Hence, companies are coming up with CBD-infused products aiming […]

  • How CBD Positively Impacts Health

    Our health is something that is very important to us, and many people go to huge lengths to achieve and maintain good health. It is important to ensure you look after your physical health and your mental wellbeing if you want to enjoy the best life quality, and there are various ways in which you […]

  • How Does Anti Aging CBD Moisturizer Work?

    CBD is not alphabetical acronym for another public organization or sports league like the NBA, MLB, NFL, or the NHL. CBD is a shortened title for Cannabidiol, a naturally occurring chemical compound that exists inside cannabis plants, or more popularly known as marijuana.  CBD is one of the two main ingredients of cannabis; the core […]

  • What are the benefits of using oral CBD spray?

    What is CBD Oral Spray? The name of this CBD product speaks for itself. This is a CBD product you spray into your mouth, and it contains cannabidiol as the key ingredient. The product can contain other herbal ingredients, but the large percentage is taken up by CBD. CBD is obtained from the hemp plant, […]

  • The Ultimate Guide to Storing Hemp

    Whether you’re buying hemp in bulk or selling your very own, homegrown product, storage will play a big role in the process. Hemp is prone to all sorts of contamination – even after drying and curing – and it helps to make sure you’ve executed the proper storage techniques to prevent all of that magical […]