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  • Can You Fail a Drug Test From Using CBD?

    CBD products are extracts of the hemp and cannabis plants, and they contain a chemical compound called cannabidiol. In addition, these products have a small quantity of THC, the chemical compound in cannabis that causes hyperactivity. Taking CBD can be problematic if you constantly take drug tests. However, drug tests screen for THC and not […]

  • Hemp Gummies vs. CBD Gummies: What’s the Difference

    Hemp gummies versus CBD gummies: Wikimedia Commons When purchasing CBD gummies, you may discover that while some products are labeled hemp gummies, others are labeled CBD gummies. That may appear confusing for many people. Are the two one and the same thing?  This article is your ultimate guide to hemp gummies vs cbd gummies. And […]

  • Here Are 3 Common Myths About CBD Oil

    There is no doubt that CBD oil is a good product, with huge potential of alleviating a lot of conditions. This article will refer to CBD as a wellness trend, but we will also discuss the many myths that have led people to confusion.  First, CBD oil is one of the many compounds found in […]

  • CBD Oil Benefits That You Should Know About

    Do you have pain here and there, too much stress in everyday life or small acne pimples on your face? Then you should read this article carefully because, among the many benefits of CBD oil, you could also find something: CBD seems to be known as an all-rounder remedy and support a wide variety of […]

  • Is it possible to make your own CBD oil?

    Is it possible to make your own CBD oil?

    CBD oil is well-known for the benefits offered along with it. Instead of purchasing CBD oil from a store, you can think about making CBD oil on your own at the comfort of your home. The process of making CBD oil at home is something that you can easily do without a struggle. You just […]

  • Jim Collins is Living Longer and Stronger

    Dr. Jim Collins is a Gerontologist and nationally-recognized expert in wellness and health care for seniors and older Americans. Based in Ohio, his 30 year career has spanned everything from Geropsychiatry to home health regimens for active seniors. Dr. Collins has a strong focus on education – a prolific author of published articles, he has […]

  • What You Need To Know About The Promising Effects of CBD

    Because of its promising effect, CBD is frequently used in medical cannabis. The foundation of medical cannabis is assessed with an organic CBD selection. Various systematic and clinical studies have suggested that it has a high potential for treating multiple diseases. This explains why many potheads are checking out Homegrown Cannabis Co. for seeds and grow them […]

  • Finding the Best CBD Products For You and Your Needs

    The global cannabis market is expected to reach $5.3 billion by 2025. That’s an annual growth rate of 40.4%! Founded upon a plant that has been used for thousands of years for its incredibly versatile healing properties, this comes as no surprise.  Although mainly associated with hippies and drugs since before Woodstock, newer research and ancient findings are quickly broadening that […]

  • The Benefits Of Natural Products For Stress

    We all lead very stressful lives and I don’t think there is anyone amongst us who can say otherwise. It doesn’t matter that you try to avoid it, because it will enter your life some way or another. You will have high stress levels as a result of your job, or you will have high […]

  • CBD Capsules vs CBD Oil

    There is no doubt that CBD has quickly become one of the most talked about sectors of a burgeoning health and wellness industry. There is a multitude of reasons as to why this is the case, as we will look to cover in this article. This sharp rise in interest has inevitably led to a […]