5 Products Making An Impact In The Diabetes Industry

If you or a loved one is dealing with diabetes, you know how important it is to take good care of yourself. You need to take special care with your diet, exercise, and lifestyle. You can also take advantage of innovative products that have been designed to make a diabetic’s life easier. Take a look at five products that are making an impact in the diabetes industry today.

Diabetic Cough Medicine

At the time of year when everyone is battling the cold and flu season, coughing is sure to be a problem. While this is a nuisance for anyone, it can particularly be a problem for a diabetic. Many cough products contain high levels of sugar, presenting a danger for anyone with diabetes. Take care when you seek out available products on the market and you will find that there are cough medications that have been designed for those with blood sugar concerns. Diabetic Tussin is a popular option that has eliminated the worry of high sugar content. Be sure to choose sugar-free cough drops as well.

Diabetic Foot Creams

The feet are a major area of concern for diabetics. Diabetes restricts blood flow to the feet and often affects the nerves as well. When a diabetic injures the foot, there is risk of serious complications. Therefore, it is extremely important to give your feet extra attention with a quality foot cream. You want to keep the skin supple and free of cracks. Eucerin is highly recommended by pharmacists to assist you in ensuring your feet remain healthy. In addition, you’ll promote good circulation by rubbing cream into your feet every day.

Diabetic Socks

Diabetic socks are essential to promote good health for a person’s feet as well. At smartknit.com, you’ll find a selection of seamless socks that promote comfort. They are non-binding, will keep your feet dry, and will minimize the risk of blisters at pressure points. These socks fit in such a way that they enhance your circulation as well.

Neuropathy Products

Diabetes can result in nerve damage over time, causing pain in different areas of the body. Your hands and feet may be affected the most by this condition known as neuropathy. There are a host of diabetic neuropathy products that can relieve the pain. Capzasin is a skin cream that is rated as a highly effective topical analgesic.

Oral Glucose Products

For the diabetic, there is always the risk that blood sugar levels will drop dramatically without warning. It’s important to have something on hand to provide a temporary remedy to the situation. The last thing you need is to pass out because you are having a problem with your blood sugar. Oral glucose products will give you a pick-me-up until you can test your blood levels and take insulin if necessary, or eat a meal to balance your levels. Glucerna is a top pick for oral glucose.

Always be on the look out for products that will make your life easier as a diabetic. With advances in technology and people who think outside the box, you’re sure to make great discoveries. You’ll have a better quality of life as well.

Brendan Garner blogs about diabetes and has firsthand experience caring for family members with diabetes. For more information, Brendan recommends reading http://diabetesstopshere.org/.