5 Reasons NOT to Take CBD

There are a lot of articles going around about the benefits of CBD. Benefits? For whom? If any of you feel alienated by these presumptuous CBD companies, know that youre not alone. This is what youve been waiting for. Here are five reasons not to take CBD.

  1. You enjoy the consistency of chronic pain.

Youve befriended that which others consider to be an irritant. And despite what your loved ones say, youve grown accustomed, perhaps even comfortable with your discomfort. The idea of losing it feels like losing a part of yourself.

  1. You hate sleep

After a few consecutive days of sleeplessness, your brain may start to mimic that of someone suffering from psychosis. This might excite you. Flaunting those designer bags under your eyes while running on reserve battery power is your idea of living on (the) edge.

  1. You fear losing your anxiety

Without the circles of worrying thoughts that whirl around your head at all times, who would you be? Would you suddenly become more social? More amicable? Without the occasional chest pain brought on by anxiety attacks, how will you know that youre alive?

  1. You like weird side effects

Theres something about the may cause a loss of circulation in the extremitiestype of fine print that makes your toestingle. The unknown is liberating. The idea that even FDA approved drugs may carry long-term detrimental effects on your health that havent even been discovered yet is just a reminder that life is unpredictable, sometimes wonderful and at other times, terrifying.

  1. You like chemicals

Chemicals = science. Science = progress. Therefore, chemical filled antidepressants and painkillers are progress. Dont forget that.

Okay, so CBD may not work for everyone, and people who claim otherwise need a head-check. However, it can wok wonders for some people and to those, it could be one of the best substances in the world. Thats something, right?

There are many great health benefits to CBD, and when CBD is processed using high-quality and certified methods, it may be able to work miracles. For some people, anyway.