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5 Reasons You Should Get Your Water Heater Checked During Quarantine in Southern California

If you have been quarantined at home, or you are working from home during this pandemic, now is the perfect time to make sure your home is in working order. 

Part of that will mean inspecting your water heater to make sure it’s still safe, clean, and healthy to use. You need to take care of your water heater to ensure the future security and comfort of your home. Let’s look at five major reasons that this is important to be aware of in your Southern California home:

Prevent Damage

One of the main reasons you should think about getting your water heater checked during this time is that it will help to prevent any future damage to it. 

If there is a problem and you don’t know about it, and you leave it alone, then it can cause bigger issues that are harder and more expensive to fix. Making sure the pressure, heat, and other elements of your water heater are functioning properly is key to ensuring you avoid future costly damages.

Keep It Clean

Cleanliness is important, too. Your water heater can become dirty over time, and that can mean that it gets clogged up with debris. This is both dangerous and can cause health hazards, so you need to make sure that you are keeping it clean at all times. Make use of quarantine and have it checked and cleaned at your earliest convenience.

Remove Minerals

If you ask the professionals, removing minerals is one of the biggest reasons to have your water heater checked regularly. 

One water heater company in Bell Canyon states that you should have your water heater checked at least twice a year to help remove the sediment and minerals that can collect on any water heater. Regular checks will ensure the problem does not worsen over time, so bear this in mind.

Check The Vent

The vent helps to circulate air through the exhaust outdoors to prevent further problems inside the home. But the vent itself therefore needs some care and assistance from time to time. 

You don’t have to check it every week, but making use of quarantine to check the vent could be a wise move. You should especially keep an eye on it during bad weather, even though it may seem mild in Southern California.

Test Output

Once you have finished examining the heater, you should make a point of checking the output and testing it too. To test this, run hot water out of every possible source in the home so you can tell whether or not the heater is fully functioning and producing hot water as needed. 

Quarantine may seem like a drag, but it’s the perfect time to get some logistical things done around the home that you may not normally have time for, such as checking your water heater. 

This is important not only to save you money on future heater issues down the road but also to ensure the safety and health of your family at all times.