Chris Turn

  • Laptop by window with green cushions for studying

    How Vinyl Windows Can Help You Study

    A variety of factors affect your ability to concentrate and study well. A high level of mental focus is influenced by many factors, especially a healthy diet, plenty of sleep, and the reduction of unnecessary mental distractions such as social media, or even stress. A big part of your concentration is associated with your study […]

  • Man and woman sleeping on a white bed.

    Couples’ Tips for Getting Better Sleep

    Many couples struggle with getting enough quality sleep. There are many factors that affect your sleep, but often for couples, difficulty sleeping is often a result of two people who are used to sleeping at different times, temperatures, or conditions learning to co-sleep. These problems are fairly common. In fact, 12% of married couples sleep […]

  • What Makes Some Doctors Better Than Others?

    Being a doctor is about more than healing people; it is also about understanding what your patients want from medical professionals and delivering an outstanding service. Some doctors are far better at this than others but there’s nothing they do that you can’t learn or achieve for yourself.  The key to becoming a better doctor […]