5 Ways To Make Your Home A More Healthy Environment

Our personal health and the health of our families matters more than anything else in life.  Often, we spend more time worrying about our diets and exercise affecting our overall health, all the while neglecting to consider the state of our homes.

The scary things that can live silently inside of our homes should also be a part of living a healthy lifestyle.  We spend the majority of our time in our homes; it should be of the utmost importance that we find new ways to improve the safety and quality of our living spaces.

Take a look at this quick summary, and check out a few ways we can all transform our homes into safe and healthy environments.

Keep the property free of pests

Many people do not pay attention to the chemicals they are spilling all around their homes when battling a pest problem.  It is true that common pesticides will kill roaches, ants, lawn pest, and other creatures, but there are many harmful chemicals in common pesticides that can cause harm to humans and pets, including asthma, developmental disabilities, and cancer.

People do not see the harm being done, so it is easier to ignore.  Do not fall into the trap of ignorance.  Research before using any type of pest control substance.

Get an air purifier and some hearty plants

An important step to a cleaner home is to purchase an air purifier. Clean air feels much better on the lungs.  Green plants like the Boston Fern are also excellent for air purification.  Their long fronds absorb gobs of airborne toxins and turn them into freshly brewed oxygen.

Studies have found that fine particulate matter in the air has been linked to all sorts of lung issues including cancer and even heart disease.  An air purifier will work to remove such matter from the home’s indoor environment.

Avoid harmful chemicals when cleaning

The toxic chemicals used in many common household cleaners have been linked to a plethora of different illnesses in humans and animals.  Not only do they place the family at risk, but our pets can also be harmed by unnatural cleaning chemicals.

Instead, try doing a little research on natural remedies and DIY cleaning solutions.  Use essential oils, plant-based products, or even a basic soap and water mixture.  Vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice are also excellent natural cleaning agents.

Conquer the dust bunnies

Household dust bunnies cause allergy and asthma aggravation.  It has recently been discovered that dust may contain much more than we think, including fire retardants, pesticides, and lead.

Even if these things have not been present in the environment for many years, they can still be present in built up dust particles.  If a home has carpet, it is important to vacuum at least twice a week with a HEPA certified filter.