Close-up Of Young Woman Receiving Epilation Laser Treatment On Armpit

6 Benefits of IPL Hair Removal

IPL, which stands for intense pulsed light, is a way of targeting the dark pigment that is found around our hair follicles in order to damage it just enough in order to make the hair fall out on purpose and prevent its ability to re-grow.

That same dark pigment which is found in both your hair and skin is called melanin and it determines the color of your hair and your skin.

At the base of the hair root, melanin is particularly dense and is exactly where the powerful pulses of light emitted by the IPL device are aimed in order to execute the hair removal process.

As the IPL light is absorbed by the melanin it generates heat energy that causes the desired damage, leading to the growing hair to begin to fall out between one and two weeks after the IPL treatment. This is how IPL is able to produce permanent hair removal over multiple treatments.

Now with this better understanding of how IPL works, let’s explore the 6 benefits of IPL hair removal by using IPL laser removal.

IPL Hair Removal at Home

Yes, you can actually benefit from being able to achieve IPL hair removal from the comfort of your home. IPL handset devices are likely to take longer to achieve the same results that you pay the fancy prices for at salons because the home versions are likely less powerful.

Now you don’t have to go get dressed, drive over to a salon that may be a great distance from your home, and have the work done according to someone else’s schedule.

Permanent Results

It isn’t possible to completely guarantee in advance that the results will be permanent because there are a number of factors that impact the results such as the user’s genetic makeup.

But, over the course of time, you should see permanently reduced hair re-growth by sticking with the treatments, with the required number of them reducing and the time in between them increasing.

No Settling for Unattractive Regrowth

You most certainly can shave between your IPL treatments. You don’t have to allow the hair to grow first for IPL to work its wonders. Target the skin areas that are showing the most unwanted fuzz and zoom in on them with your IPL handset device.

No Ingrown Hair

With the IPL process, you get the pleasure of avoiding the risk of ingrown hairs that can be the case with other hair removal solutions such as shaving and waxing. IPL works to target the hair follicles while inhibiting their ability to grow.

The permanent effects of IPL hair removal carry the added bonus of eliminating the potential for ingrown hairs on the treated areas because the follicles no longer generate new hair.

Regrowth Will be Lighter

Your hair that does re-grow will become lighter and finer and less easy to see. This enables you to enjoy the benefit of undergoing fewer and shorter IPL procedures to achieve your hair removal goals.

Fast and Easy

Finally, IPL devices are also beneficial because they are known to have a big enough treatment window that you can quickly finish an entire leg in 10-15 minutes. Don’t worry about having to set aside an entire afternoon for your at-home IPL hair removal process.

Being able to stay at home, work towards permanent results over the course of multiple treatments, get rid of regrowth, watch that regrowth get lighter each time, avoid ingrown hairs, and handle these achievements in a quick and simple fashion makes the benefits of IPL hair removal all worth the purchase of an IPL handset device.