5 Benefits to Using Hair Serum for Men

For the modern man keen on aesthetics, maintaining their hair in excellent condition ranks highly on their list of priorities. On that note, hair serum comes in handy. Hair serum comes in different chemical ingredients such as silicone, amino acids as well as ceramides.

Unlike hair oils which alter the hair structure, hair serums coat the hair surface. A serum is best applied on clean hair, preferably immediately after a shower.

The popularity of men’s serums in the media has got many people curious as to their benefits.

Let’s look at the 5 benefits of using these hair products.

1. Prevent tangling

If your hair feels dry and frizzy, you’ll find combing somewhat tricky and painful. Applying serum soothes the frizz and softens your hair, making it alluringly soft and tangle-free.

The silicone present in men’s serums softens and smoothens hair, thus preventing tangling.

2. Protects hair from sun and pollution

For men who spend a massive chunk of their day outdoors, their hair becomes prone to damage owing to exposure to the sun and pollution.

Silicone present in serum provides a protective layer to your hair. Silicone covers your hair shaft and prevents damage caused by a combination of harmful UV rays and environmental pollution.

3. Correct hair damage

Colouring or perming results in damage and loss of hair. To some men, the thought of losing hair would drive them crazy, yet perming, and coloring remains crucial in enhancing a guy’s look. Hair serum contains amino acids which repair damage caused to the hair resulting from using perming or colouring products.

That’s to say; it’s possible to have healthy permed or colored hair if you make use of a great hair serum product.

4. Prevents hair breakage

Hair serum for men contains vitamin E, an ingredient key to strengthening your hair thereby curbing hair loss resulting from breakages.

Dry, tangled and unhealthy hair breaks during styling. However, with the use of hair serum, your hair strengthens, softens and smoothens making it possible to style it as you wish.

5. Oil and nourishment

Some people may question the need for serum while they can oil their hair. Wouldn’t oiling your hair give the same result as using hair serum? No.

Similar to most hair oils, serums for men afford nourishment and protection to the hair but doesn’t give your head an oily look. Instead, your hair gets a shinier and less greasy look when you apply the serum.

Hair serums work best on dry hair as they retain the moisture inside the hair shafts and on oily hair that weighs down rapidly after washing.

What hair serum is right for you?

There are no all-in-one hair serums that will cater to all. Different hair types require different types of hair. It is important to make sure that you are buying the right one for your individual needs;

  • Dry hair: over-night cream-based moisturising and vitalising
  • Curly hair: intense moisturising and hydrating oils like jojoba and argan
  • Chemically treated hair: light-weight cream-based products with silicon, jojoba, coconut and argan oils
  • Hair loss: Serum that repairs the keratin structure of your hair by introducing collagen, vitamins and hyaluronic acid

Unfortunately, there are a lot of products on the market that will make false or overstated claims about how their serum will change your life! It is important that you do the research, especially when considering hair restoring serum to ensure that their products do what it says on the box. Reputable companies such as IdealofMeD have put years of research into understanding what products can assist and provide excellent tried and trusted products such as collagenic scalp serum and hair restoring serum.

Key takeaway

Acquiring the right kind of serum for your hair is critical to your hair’s appeal and quality. If you wish to make heads turn and tongues wagging, get yourself a hair serum for nourishment and protection.

Photo by MarkDoliner