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  • Travel Advice for Wheelchair Users

    At some point, most people experience the wanderlust bug; that insatiable urge to travel and experience far-flung places and cultures. Unfortunately, some struggle to see the world due to lack of money or commitment to a career. However, for wheelchair users, the main fear tends to be accessibility. The good news is that destinations and […]

  • 7 Fast Tracks to Getting Rid of Body pains

    Pain is an undesired feeling of discomfort in the body. It occurs as a result of an injury, a disease, or work-related stress. It affects our moods negatively and limits our workplace productivity. Since pain is not body-friendly, everybody feels the natural urge to get rid of it by whatever means possible. However, it should […]

  • Best Practices for Introducing Mobile Devices to Clinical Trials

    Over the last decade, mobile solutions have become an integral part of the clinical research process. In fact, tablets and smartphones are already the predominant tools used by patients for data entry, surpassing traditional written surveys and telephone data collection. Yet despite the fact that mobile solutions are so widely accepted and such an important […]

  • Do Our Health Needs Change As We Get Older?

    It is a fact of life that we will age. With every year that goes past our bodies are ageing, whether we like it or not. The ageing process should be seen as a positive one and for many older people it is easy to embrace all the changes. However, for some there’s a great […]

  • Common CPAP issues you should know and how to solve them

    The most common hurdles that come with using continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) device is finding one that can be comfortably worn all night. For most patients diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), wearing the mask regularly for treating their disorder can be daunting, sometimes intolerable. As the most successful treatment for sleep apnea, you […]

  • Your Family Past Could be Key to Your Future Health

    It could certainly be important and highly relevant to discover information about your family’s medical history from previous generations, as genetics can play a key role in shaping your own future health issues and those of your children too. It could be that someone in your family suffers an injury in a car accident and […]