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  • Causes of Auditory Overload and How to Find Relief

    A person with auditory sensitivity has extreme reactions to certain types of noises due to differences in their brain. Other names for this condition include auditory overload, sensory auditory overload, sensory processing disorder, and hyperacusis. Each person with auditory sensitivity is unique and reacts in different ways to different types of sounds. For example, some […]

  • 6 Benefits of IPL Hair Removal

    IPL, which stands for intense pulsed light, is a way of targeting the dark pigment that is found around our hair follicles in order to damage it just enough in order to make the hair fall out on purpose and prevent its ability to re-grow. That same dark pigment which is found in both your […]

  • 6 Benefits of Massage Therapy

    Do you feel stressed out? Maybe you deal with muscle pain or tension headaches on a regular basis. Perhaps you participate in a sport that leaves your body feeling tense and fatigued. Massage therapy can help to relieve many physical ailments and restore a person’s feelings of general well-being. In addition, a massage is a […]

  • 10 ingredients to avoid in your skincare routine

    Did you know that your skin absorbs a majority of what you put on it? This naturally means that the products you use on your skin have the potential to directly affect your health and wellbeing. So, what are the ingredients you should absolutely avoid in your skincare routine? Find out more about it in […]

  • About Murivenna oil

    Murivenna Thailam is an ancient gift that comes from the medical treasury of Kerala. The Vata-reducing traditional massage oil is an excellent wound healer, bonesetter, and pain reliever, traditionally used by the royal warriors for strengthening the bones, muscles, and joints. Murivenna is an oil formulation that is medicated and used for various skin diseases, […]

  • Lydia Klufas, MD Explains When It May Be Time to Reach out to a Skin Specialist

    While many Americans remain skeptical about visiting medical professionals, this approach can be extremely dangerous in many cases.  When it comes to skin health, which troubles over 85 million Americans per year, not going to a doctor can quickly evolve into a life-threatening situation.  Most skin cancers, for example, are asymptomatic. It is rare for […]

  • Health Benefits to Camping

    When it comes to camping, it’s not just an escape or a less expensive holiday. It comes with a lot of health benefits, not only physically, but also great for your mental health and social wellbeing. There are now plenty of options when it comes to camping, say online marketplace Caravans For Sale, so if […]

  • Best Educational Programs for Seniors in Canada

    Lifelong learning is quickly becoming more accessible to Canadian seniors every year. Not only does it yield many physical health benefits, including keeping the brain sharp, but it has also been shown to improve mental health and well-being, and socialization. Further education can be great for those looking to expand existing knowledge, learn new skills, […]