6 Reasons How Your Winter Clothing Choices Affect Your Health

6 Reasons How Your Winter Clothing Choices Affect Your Health

Winter is one of the toughest times for many people. We find ourselves bundled up in layers of clothing, coats and jackets to keep the cold out. But this extra clothing has a hidden danger that most don’t realize: it affects your health. Below are six reasons why winter clothing choices affect your health.

1) Winter Clothing Can Cause Weight Gain

When you wear more clothes during the winter, you have less skin exposed to sunlight, which is important because Vitamin D is synthesized when our skin is exposed to sunlight. Getting too little exposure can lead to weight gain and decreased muscle mass and bone density due to lack of exercise from increased sitting indoors on the couch watching TV or other sedentary activities like working at home without even moving from your chair.

2) Winter Clothing Can Cause Acid Reflux

We sweat when we’re active, but in the winter, our body doesn’t release this heat through sweating, so it is kept inside, making us feel warmer than we really are. This causes increased pressure on the stomach and digestive system, causing some people to suffer from acid reflux due to our stomachs warming.

3) Winter Clothing Can Cause Back Pain

When we put on more clothes in the winter, they cause added pressure to our backs, causing back pain and stiffness, which can be very uncomfortable. People suffering from chronic back problems like herniated disks or osteoporosis are more likely to be affected

4) Winter Clothing Can Cause Headaches

Sometimes, certain clothing we wear in the winter can irritate or press our nerves causing us to get headaches. The most common cause of this is long-haired women who don’t braid their hair and just let it flow around their heads, but also people with hats that are too tight or earmuffs that are pressing in on their heads.

5) Winter Clothing Can Cause Dry Skin

The dry skin we get during the winter can be irritating and uncomfortable. Still, it is actually a sign of dehydration that we normally experience at our worst during this year. It’s important to drink a lot of water to keep our skin and organs well hydrated.

6) Winter Clothing Can Cause Constipation

Many people don’t have much appetite, leading to constipation due to not eating enough fibre. This is because we are already bundled up in thick clothes for protection against the cold. We tend to sit around indoors more and don’t get as much exercise as when it is warmer.

If you’re going to be outside in the cold weather, it’s better to bundle up lightly with sweaters and jackets instead of wearing thick coats or warmers. When you wear only a thin layer, your body can regulate itself more easily. Also, get some exercise, even if that means walking around your neighbourhood for an hour or two every day. Before winter gets here, take time to find the perfect winter coat so you will be protected from cold winter temperatures.