6 Romantic Cities of the World


Amsterdam might be stretched out in the north of Europe, but it is much like romantic Venice to the south. The canals of the city remind that of some of the most romantic cities in the world. With flowers at every turn, Amsterdam is a quite happy and calm place that romantic couples can make anything out of. Some businesses in the city like restaurants have a canal cruise available that will take you to see the whole city while enjoying a meal. Amsterdam is the one city where happiness is promised to those visiting it with its commitment to finding out more about what makes people happy, and let’s face it– happiness is what we look for within our relationships. 


Paris is a great city of romance in the heart of France. The city is the favorite destination for many couples. The city of beautiful cobblestone streets and, of course, the beautiful Eiffel Tower. Paris is the capital of beautiful cafes, luxurious restaurants, and a chance to see the whole city at night on the top of the beautiful Eiffel Tower. 


It wouldn’t be a list of the most exotic and romantic cities in the world if we exclude Venice. The captivating canals on which you can ride a gondola with your loved one give you the chance to cuddle close while enjoying the beautiful lanes and buildings. During the evening, dinner lit by candles at a cozy restaurant will convince you to visit this place again with the one you love. 

Kyoto, Japan

If you are by chance on a trip to the far east, Kyoto is the city in Japan that is noted for its romantic atmosphere. The city has beautiful gardens and verdant alleys at the Kyoto Botanical Gardens. The park is one of the famous places where the cherry blossom can be observed in the spring and the greenhouse at the park allows you to enjoy the green spaces even in the winter. Another exotic twist to the romance of this city are the public baths where you can have a few relaxing moments with your sweetheart. 

Bueno Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is the capital of tango, passion, and dancing. Who would argue that dancing is one of the most romantic things that you can engage in with your partner — as long as the other is not too shy. You can go ahead to the famous La Boca, and take a single or a couple of classes for this beautiful dance. During the daytime, you can walk and observe the beautiful architecture of the city. During the night, visit a bar together if you really picked up on the dance lessons. They are open through the night for those that want to kick up their feet. 

Quebec City, Canada

Quebec City is located in Canada but has a distinctly European look. Quebec is one of the most romantic cities in North Aerica. The cobblestone streets and the picturesque architecture of the city can be enjoyed with carriage rides in which you can get closer on a first date. The city is also a great place to go ice skating in the winter with its low temperatures that guarantee the strength of the ice.

Photo by Kalen Emsley on Unsplash