6 Tips for Remembering to Take Your Medication

Modern medicine has proved incredibly valuable to the nation’s health. People are benefitting with less pain, more energy and better moods from medication everyday. But what happens when you forget to take it? Those miracle medicines don’t help much when they are sitting in a pill bottle at home. If you are plagued by forgetfulness, here are a few ways to help you remember your meds everyday.

Use A Pillbox

The Canadian Pharmacy recommends speaking with your doctor or pharmacist about pillboxes that could have alarms and lights to remind you to take your meds. As it is never wise to forget your meds or fail to take them, loud, flashy reminders like this can be extremely helpful.

Other ways pillboxes can be helpful is by having segmented compartments for weekdays or am/pm meds. Individuals who carry the pillbox with them will be able to easily check if they remembered their meds by looking at the compartment.

Utilize Technology

In this digital age, there is no shortage of ways devices can be of aid to people in their everyday lives. With reminders and clocks on your phone or computer, it should be easy to set up a system that will remind you to take your medicine. Some programs even offer email or text alerts to notify you of medication time.

Combine Your Meds with a Daily Task

If your meds are just something you know you have to take each day, it may become difficult to remember them. Consider combining the act of taking your meds with another daily task. This could be as simple as putting your pill bottle next to the coffeemaker or setting a dose out by your toothbrush.

Create a Self-Care Ritual

Everyone knows that self-love is an important part of living a fulfilling life. So consider implementing a self-care ritual daily such as yoga, reading the newspaper or talking a walk. By taking the time to evaluate life, and yourself, you can make a mental note of the importance of your medication. Making meds an integral part of your self-love can impress it upon your memory further.

Quit Autopilot

It is easy to become familiar with your daily routines and go through them without thinking. By making a conscious effort to remember to take your meds you can avoid double-dosing or no-dosing. Stop yourself with the pill bottle and say out loud, “I am taking my morning med.” This will create a memory in your mind to look back on if you forget later.

Involve a Loved One

People who care about you may be more invested in your health than you are. Asking a loved one who lives with you to remind you about your meds can help you keep track and feel cared for. They can also help reward you with a high-five or a smile for positive reinforcement.