How Art Can Make A Difference In Your Health And Wellness

Whether you are creating art or you just enjoy viewing it, you likely already know that art can evoke great emotions. These emotions can go a long way in healing the things that ail you, from stress relief to depression. The power of art is so well known that even doctors are beginning to agree that it has benefits for patients.

This is why when you visit a doctor’s office or a hospital you see more and more art throughout, not just in the rooms but in the hallways and bathrooms as well. Art can help you heal and it is a natural way to relieve pain.

Art Therapy

Art is helpful with mental health issues and can be used to help people of all ages. Art therapy isn’t just about viewing art or creating art, but it’s about understanding how art affects everyone. Creating art allows you to express your feelings and emotions in a way that you may not be able to do with words.

Creating art as therapy isn’t about making something that looks realistic, or even looks good, it’s more about expression. Art therapy is a great way to help autistic children learn a new way to express themselves and their feelings.

But it doesn’t stop at creating art. It also expands into viewing art. Simply viewing the right piece of art can calm the most stressed or anxious individual.

Art At The Office

According to Park West Gallery, one doctor realized the good art could do for his own patients, and he chose to turn his practice into a sort of art gallery. Patients are not just amazed at the artwork, but it helps soothe and calm them as well.

Next time you visit your doctor’s office or go to the hospital be sure to look at the art. You’ll probably see more than just paintings on the wall, but also sculptures.

Art In Your Home

If you want to make your home more relaxing, add some art. If you suffer from a terminal illness or a chronic illness you’ll find that your art not only helps you relax more but offers you comfort when you are alone, and it helps you forget about your pain for a while when you take time to enjoy it.

Remember, what one person sees as beautiful art and finds relaxing, someone else may not like. Pick art that works for you and your home. This ensures that you get all of the healing benefits.
Whenever you are feeling down you can also pick up a pencil or some paints. Don’t worry about making amazing art to hang in a gallery, instead concentrate on creating something that helps you express yourself and get out any of the thoughts or pains you are feeling. You’ll find that it’s easier to relax after you’ve created emotional art.