7 Tips to Help Keep You Feeling and Looking Younger

People spend billions of dollars on looking younger each year.

If you don’t want to show your age, there are more things you can do now that will keep you looking and feeling younger than ever because of scientific developments and new discoveries.

We understand it can be confusing when you’re trying to find the best ways to look younger. Continue reading this article, and we’ll share our best tips to look and feel young.

1. Wear Sunscreen on Your Face & Neck

Your skin is the largest organ of your body, which not only makes it important, but also makes it one of the biggest factors in how young or old you look.

If you are constantly in the sun showing off your skin, you might start to age quicker than necessary. Even if you do go outside with a hat and sunglasses, you should also wear sunscreen on your face and neck.

Keeping your face and neck protected from harmful UV rays is a must. 

If your skin is already damaged and you need help making yourself look younger, solutions like dermal fillers are a good option to get that youthful look again.

2. Test out Long Bangs

If you haven’t tried long bangs in a while, give them a shot. Not only are long bangs a sign of youth, but if you have crow’s feet or other wrinkles on your face, it’ll help hide them.

Bangs soften your facial features, and if you look at most of the stars, you’ll notice many of them wear their hair with bangs.

Also, ask for layers in your hair to add movement and texture for an even more youthful look.

3. Choose Fuller Brows

Remember the trend of thin Nike eyebrows when everyone looked surprised? Not only did everyone look surprised, but they also looked older than they needed to.

Bolder, fuller eyebrows make your face look younger, so if you have any gaps in your eyebrows, make sure that you fill them in. You can use a simple eyebrow pencil or another makeup tool and make sure to hit any spots where your skin is showing through your brows.

4. Take Time off Work

If you’re constantly all work and no play, this is the fastest way to age. Many times, we see grumpy older people and wonder what happened to them to make them so bitter.

Most likely, they spent all their time working and didn’t do anything fun to keep them happy and young.

Often, we see taking time off work as something that sets us back financially or something that isn’t possible because of our career aspirations and necessity to be in a position of responsibility.

You don’t have to do anything fancy when you take time off work. Plan a day to stay inside in your pajamas and binge on guilty pleasure television if you want. The goal is to give your body and your brain a break.

5. Do Brainy Activities

If you truly want to look and feel younger, you need to keep your brain young. The brain is your operating system, and without a well-functioning brain, it is difficult to get your body to where you need to go.

Continuing to challenge yourself with new activities and playing brain games can be a good way to keep your brain young and active.

Brainy activities can be as simple as downloading an app on your phone that challenges you with word games or math problems. Choose something you’re going to enjoy doing so you keep doing it for years to come.

6. Practice Yoga

Yoga is the perfect way to keep both your mind and body young. The stretches you do in yoga keep you both strong and limber and leave you feeling open and free after your yoga session.

Even if you don’t go to a yoga class, there are simple yoga poses you can do on your own. Try doing downward dog, tree, mountain, warrior one, and warrior two.

If you aren’t sure about yoga beginner moves, you can even look on YouTube and find plenty of free tutorials that will make it easy for you to get started.

Enjoy results like better posture, increased energy, less stress, more flexibility, and better overall health.

When you do conscious breathing with yoga, it helps you realize your connection between the mind and body.

7. Increase Your Antioxidants

The older we get, the higher the level of harmful free radicals in our body. While the free radicals rise, the body’s production of antioxidants decreases.

If you don’t increase the antioxidants in your body, your body starts to age faster. You need to either find foods that have antioxidants in them or start taking them by using supplements that are formulated to help people keep antioxidants high in their bodies.

Consuming fruits and vegetables is a good way to get the antioxidants that you need to fight free radicals and protect your body.

Feeling and Looking Younger Has Never Been Easier

Now you know some of the best tips for feeling and looking younger, and you can achieve your goal with ease.

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