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How CBD Oil is A Lifeline for Anxiety Patients

Stress and anxiety are one of the biggest modern world problems. Right now, there are around 40 million adults in the US who are suffering from an anxiety disorder. Almost 15% of children are struggling with this disease as well. What’s worse, these numbers tend to grow, and according to estimations, 33% of the world population might suffer from anxiety if nothing will change. It’s safe to assume that it’s the modern world epidemy. Sadly, many people who are suffering from anxiety, don’t get proper help. Just 40% of people decided to look for treatment. 

Anxiety is possible to cure. Unfortunately, medications that are used in the treatment process are classified as anxiolytic, and they trigger various unwanted side effects, that effect’s one’s life significantly. That’s why more and more people look for help and dive into the world of natural and unconventional treatment methods. They often can’t find anything that helps, though. One of the most promising treatments that are recently booming is CBD oil. Here you’ll find out why it’s a useful and effective method of treating anxiety. 

What are the CBD oils?

First of all, what does this term stand for? CBD means cannabidiol, which is a marijuana compound that is extracted from a hemp plant. Many people, who don’t take drugs are always afraid, and hesitant to try this method because of it. But, before you judge, you have to know that there is an essential difference between marijuana and hemp plants.

Marijuana plants contain bigger THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) to CBD ratio. THC is a substance, responsible for high and stoned effects. The hemp plant, on the other hand, consists mainly of CBD (cannabidiol) which has a lot of positive medical effects, and at the same time, doesn’t intoxicate you. So, there is no need to be afraid of adverse marijuana effects, because CBD oils don’t come with psychoactive components. That’s why indica flowers are the remedy that will bring you relief in a 100% natural way, without any adverse effects.

How does one feel after taking CBD?

As you probably know by now, you won’t be high, because of CBD oils. But what exactly do people who use them feel? First of all, they feel better. CBD is a substance, which stimulates CB2 receptors. Most medicine work to fix specific ailments, but CBD oils are different. They bring pain relief not only in particular areas but in all body. 

It is the only natural method that improves your body functioning because of the endocannabinoid system search for areas that are not working as intended, and then fix and improves them. As a result, they are working properly again.

How does it help people who suffer from anxiety?

Bodies of people with anxiety are not functioning as they should. When they take CBD oils, their endocannabinoid system is stimulated. CB receptors that were blocked, delayed or interrupted in any other way by anxiety are reminded in a natural way of how they should function. 

Medications usually force the body to act in a particular way. Oils, however, are much better, because they remind your body, how it should react when specific messages are received to the receptors. You can tell that CBD is teaching the body how to respond in particular situations. The medicine works once, and after a short period, its effect runs out. CBD oils impact is long-term. It makes them much more successful method of treating anxiety than any other remedy.

Benefits and risks of CBD

Anxiety treatment is not the only purpose of cannabidiol. Using CBD products also reduce or even stop inflammation in one’s body, reduce nausea (especially suitable for people who are in pain after chemotherapy), slow down the growth of tumours , kill cancer cells and stimulate the appetite. It’s also commonly used to treat people who are suffering from depression. These are just some examples of the health benefits that CBD oil provides, but listing them all would take too much time. 

A lesser known fact about CBD oil, is that it is completely safe and beneficial for dogs as well! Dogs can have anxiety, just like humans, and sometimes require medication in the same way. Using CBD dog treats in anxiety therapies with your pet is not only safe with many health benefits, but can also save money on expensive vet bills or prescriptions.

When it comes to drawbacks of using CBD oil, there’s not that many of them. Most of the people who took it for the first time, complained about feeling dizzy, which usually is a thing only after the first time. After that, the body should get used to it. Some people had dry mouth sensation. If you experienced it as well, make sure that you drink more water. Probably the worst con of taking CBD oil is the possibility of diarrhoea. It happens to those who overdosed CBD, and it means you should reduce the amount that you took.

As you can see, CBD oils have a lot of positive effects on the human body. It’s used in anxiety and depression treatment, but its positive effects are much broader than that. Of course, slight inconvenience might occur when you’re taking CBD, but it’s minor drawbacks, that you can quickly get rid off.