8 Ideas for Making Your Yard's Swing Set Safe for Kids to Play

8 Ideas for Making Your Yard’s Swing Set Safe for Kids to Play

No parent wants to see their child get hurt, especially when the reason they got hurt is due to the new swing set you gave them. That’s why it’s important to make sure everything is safe before you let your child play. Read on for 8 big ways of making your new swing set safe to play on.

1- Keep the Ground Soft

Swing sets and other playground equipment should have soft materials such as wood mulch or a playground-safe play mat underneath. No matter how much you try to prevent it, a fall is going to happen. And when that happens, the right surface material will make a difference.

2- Keep the Ground Clear

Likewise, it’s important that the area around the swing set is clear of any dangerous objects. This includes things like trees, large rocks, and other hard objects that could cause injury. Typically, it’s considered good form to have at least a 6-foot safety zone around the area.

3- Pick the Right Location

Before you install the actual equipment, it’s important to make sure the area is actually suitable for a swing set. A large flat area is ideal as it allows the swing set’s anchors to provide the maximum amount of support. Depending on how severe the sloping is, you might need to hire a professional.

4- Buy a Quality Swing Set

It doesn’t matter how safe you make the surrounding area or how secure the installation is. If the swing set is made of shoddy or dangerous materials, it can quickly become a safety hazard for your child. Make sure that you only buy swing sets from reputable playground equipment sellers.

5- Follow the Manual

Keeping a swing set safe means making sure that it’s installed properly. That means that it’s important to properly read any information provided by the manufacturer. Likewise, pay attention to any warnings and safety information.

6- Think About the Material

Swing sets come in many different designs and that includes the material they are made from. The most common choices are wood and metal. Depending on what material your swing set is made of, you may need to do a bit of regular maintenance.

7- Do Regular Safety Checks

Swing sets wear down over time with some materials wearing down faster than others. Wood, for example, may need to be sanded down on occasion to avoid splinters. That’s why it’s a good idea to occasionally do a quick safety check for any minor problems.

8- Check the Warranty

Even the most reputable swing set maker may end up with a faulty product. And if your swing set is damaged in some way, it’s vital to get it fixed or replaced as soon as possible. A strong warranty can make it easier to do so.

Swing sets are perfect for letting a child play and stay safe at the same time. But it’s important that you do your part and make sure everything is in order first. Avoidable injuries are called that for a reason and it’s your job to make it true.