8 Immediate Steps to Take If You are Injured at Your Workplace

8 Immediate Steps to Take If You are Injured at Your Workplace

Anyone injured at their workplace should know that the company must be liable for any damages incurred by that person. However, if you are injured at work and have not been compensated, you can take a few steps to get the needed compensation.

1. Speak With A Workers’ Comp Attorney

A lawyer specializing in workers’ compensation cases can review your employer’s accident report and tell you whether or not workers’ compensation covers your injury. The lawyer will have advice on the best steps for you to take and can help guide you throughout the process.

2. Notify the Management Company

If you are making claims against your employer, you must notify the management company where you work. It requires you to fill out and submit forms requesting a grievance hearing and inform the employer. Make sure you follow up to ensure that your claims are taken seriously and acted upon.

3. Visit a Doctor Within 24 Hours

If you were injured at work, contact a doctor within 24 hours. Most injuries take more than 24 hours to heal. If the doctor has treated you and cannot determine the cause of your injury, it is best to wait a few days and ensure there are no complications.

4. Keep Copies Of Paperwork

It is essential to keep copies of all forms you submit. These can be helpful if you wish to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. It is a good idea to keep copies at home and at work. If your employer wants the documents, request that you be given them before your next paycheck.

6. Take Photos

If you are injured at work, take photos of the scene immediately after the incident. It can help medical professionals, who may have to treat you, see the extent of your injuries. It is a good idea to take photos of your injuries as well.

7. File a Claim with the Management Company

If it is determined that you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, you must file a claim with the management company that employs you. Keep a copy of this notice and copies of all submitted forms in your files and at home. If your claim is denied, file an appeal and take steps to protect your right to appeal. Taking appropriate decision at the right time is key.

8. Complete the Incident Report

After filing a claim and submitting all vital documentation, your employer must complete an incident report. This report is submitted to the insurance carrier, and all other relevant documents and photographs must be to process your claim. If the airline denies your benefits or if you are dissatisfied with their decisions, you can then choose to file an appeal.

Being injured at work is a traumatic event that can profoundly affect your career, finances, and well-being. The initial steps you take after the injury can have a long-term impact on your ability to recover from injuries, obtain appropriate treatments, and receive financial compensation for damages. Contact an experienced attorney from Berry, Smith & Bartell, P.C. today to discuss all your options.