Accutron Technology: The Start of an Era

Rooted in disruptive technology, the Accutron wrist watch has been named as one of the most influential inventions in modern time. In 1960, Bulova released the most advanced electronic watch in the world, making the Accutron the first of its kind. With the development of this technology, experts were able to use the ideas first presented by Bulova to fuel other projects, most notably, space travel, architecture, and even apparel design.

First, the Accutron Astronaut was developed to meet the demands of high speed flight and space travel. It was adopted by the US Air Force, The CIA, and NASA. In fact, moon missions would not have been possible without the accuracy of Accutron technology.

Back on Earth, Accutron technology was inspiring architectural designs, specifically, the Centre Pompidou building in Paris. The inspiration for the “inside out” design was based on the way that Accutron watches were first designed and marketed. It was because of this building that the creator of the Nike Air Max 1, Tinker Hatfield, was able to design his iconic shoe. The visible air bubble in the sole of the shoe quickly became a style staple, allowing the shoe to be considered one of the greatest sneakers in history. They are both functional and fashionable as they continue Accutron’s legacy in the aesthetics of our past, present, and future.

A Gift That Inspired History