Baldness Demystified: Exploring Causes and New Ways to Fight it

Baldness is a problem that affects every single man in the world at some point in their life, to some degree. It is one of the most common things that can make a man feel insecure and depressed.

Hair loss is a normal thing that comes with age, and also has numerous other ways it can creep itself into your life. It’s nothing irregular, and you really shouldn’t worry about it. Baldness is not a disease for the elderly, as it can happen to anyone for a variety of reasons.

When keeping your eye out for it oncoming, practice caution and watch out for the following few things.


In order to know if you’re balding or not, you need to look out for the possible symptoms you might experience. There are numerous symptoms when it comes to male pattern baldness, but we’ll list some of the most popular ones.

Thinning Hair on the Top of Your Head

Hair thinning on the top of your head should be an instant red flag. This means the process has started, but there is nothing to worry about. Just because you’re experiencing some thinning on top of your head does not have to mean you’re going bald.

“Loosening” of Hair

You’re combing your hair, and you’ve pulled out a small furry animal-like thing out of it. This is a common symptom of hair loss and should tell you that you might have a problem.

Bald Spots

The last red flag when it comes to hair loss is bald spots. This means you are balding and should pay close attention to what you do next.

Common Causes

There are numerous causes that might lead to hair loss. Is anyone in your family balding? Are you experiencing an extremely stressful situation? Are you on some sort of medication or therapy?

You need to ask yourself these questions, as all of these are possible causes to your problem. If you can, avoid doing these things.

Popular New Treatments

There are many treatments to male pattern baldness and one as of late to keep in mind is LLLT or Low-Level Laser Technology.

Light therapy has been around for a long time but has flourished in the last couple of years with developing new technologies.

It works by emitting a particular wavelength of red light from laser diodes at your scalp. The specific wavelength has been shown and cleared by the FDA to help stimulate hair growth.

Illumiflow’s LLLT laser cap provides such treatment and is a fraction of the cost of some hair growth procedures.

When to Ask for Medical Assistance

You really don’t need medical assistance if you realized you’ve only lost a couple of strands of hair. Hair loss is a natural process that happens to all of us, and we lose a lot more hair than we might think.

Now, if your situation is deemed grim by your standards, and you’ve experienced some of the symptoms, it might be a good thing to contact your doctor. This might be a false alarm, and your problem might solve itself, but it’s best to be safe if it is possible.


Going bald can be a frightening thing. It is not un-normal for everyone, both men and women to experience some amount of baldness at some point in their life, so you really don’t have a lot to worry about.

There is nothing odd or wrong about it, it’s perfectly normal, and it affects a lot of people. There can be all sorts of different reasons why you experience baldness to some degree. There can also be a lot of different manifestations of baldness, so you really should keep your eye out.

Luckily there are new and existing treatments that can help.

LLLT Laser technology is a method that shows success, so if you’re experiencing any symptoms, you should really give it a shot.

Vladimir Ilic

The fitness world has always intrigued me, and that’s why I gravitate towards weightlifting, healthy dieting and supplementation as the main subject of my writing. I’ve been at this for several years, and you could say that, apart from playing bass and hitting the gym, exploring the impact of dieting on fitness is one of my greatest passions.