Beauty Tips That Leave Your Face Ever Glowing

A glowing skin always radiates the inner beauty of a person and, thus, brings out the personality to the full extent. The glowing skin makes a person not only look confident but also feel confident enough to try out every difficult task at hand with zeal and determination.

This is exactly the reason why we often run after costly products that make our skin look good for a while but damages the skin cells because of the strong chemicals contained in them. Here is a list of a few serious problems that we face with our skin accompanied by some easy tips that would act as remedies against them.

Get Rid Of Pimples

Pimples are the first and foremost problem in most of the people, the teenagers being the major victims. It is not very easy to avoid the growth of pimples on our face totally, however, it is definitely possible to cure them at home in an easy manner. The best thing that works as a remedy for pimples for most of the people is the combination of tea tree oil and Aloe Vera gel.

Once this mixture is ready, it needs to be dabbed on the pimples and left there for at least 20 minutes or more after which the face can be washed off. This has an immediate effect as the pimples gradually reduce in size and vanish in a week.

Say Bye to the Rashes

Rashes can appear on your face suddenly if your skin goes through a misbalance in exposure. Rashes are very itchy and often leave a reddish mark on the skin which gradually darkens further if not treated as soon as the rashes appear.

Thus, the best remedy to get rid of rashes is to apply cold compress on the skin or freshly extracted Aloe Vera gel for around 15 to 20 minutes thrice a day till the rashes are reduced totally. This works like magic.

Beat the Suntan

Suntans are bound to occur if you go out in summer. Though it is recommended that you take sufficient precaution by covering your face and by using an umbrella, it is not always possible to beat the heat of the sun. Thus, in case you do get a tan, there is nothing much to worry about provided you follow this simple tip.

Wash your face multiple times by splashing cold water on your face. Prepare a face pack consisting of powdered orange peel, Multani mud, turmeric powder and rose water. Apply the face pack and wait for 15 to 20 minutes before scraping that off your face with cotton balls dabbed in rose water. You will be able to see the difference in the skin tone after 2 or 3 applications itself.

Kick the Acne Away

Acne is a tormenting thing as it is very difficult to get rid of. Getting rid of acne from your face is really tough and, thus, you need to follow the tip patiently at least for a year if you want a healthy glowing skin. So, you need to drink plenty of water and wash your face multiple times a day. Apply a scrubber (such as coarse rice powder mixed with freshly extracted Aloe Vera gel which works wonders) twice a week and a face wash twice a day to keep your skin dirt-free. Clean the pores after taking a hot steam against the skin. Finally, use a seaweed cream every day and get a soft, glowing skin completely free of acne within a year.

Forget About an Oily Skin

Oily skin is a problem that arises in many people due to their skin type. To remove oil from the face, it is essential that you splash plenty of water on your face multiple times a day.  However, you must avoid over-washing your face as it deprives the face of its natural oil.

Also, you should avoid using moisturizing creams, as they make the skin oily. Only use gel-based products or natural gel extracts from Aloe Vera or tea tree to moisten the skin and to keep it healthy and nourished.

Push Away Fine Lines

With age, fine lines are bound to occur. Getting rid of fine lines completely is not possible, but, you can surely slow the formation down to a great extent by following the given tips. In order to combat fine lines, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water. With good food habits, develop the habit of massaging Aloe Vera gel extracts and olive oil on your face at least twice a week to stay young for a longer time than expected.

Hold Back Your Wrinkles

Yet again, it is impossible to escape from the problem of developing wrinkles in the long run. However, it is definitely possible to slow down the process of formation of wrinkle on the skin by eating healthy food and by drinking plenty of water. The formation of wrinkles too can be delayed by massaging freshly extracted Aloe Vera gel or olive oil on the face for around 15 to 20 minutes every day.

Thus, it is evident that in order to feel good and look good, it is essential to nurture a healthy skin in order to bring out the inner glow that would not only reflect on the external appearance but would also enhance the personality.


It is evident that a clear skin not only makes the person develop his or her outward appearance but also develop his or her confidence level. As a glowing skin is a manifestation of a healthy skin, we must try to opt for easily available herbal products that would make our skin healthy and eventually bring out the inner glow.

Maintaining a good and healthy skin is not an expensive thing as you can surely perceive by now. Thus, with a little patience, you can automatically develop a healthy and glowing skin and look beautiful always completely without having to apply makeup on your face!