Boosting self-confidence with tried and tested ways

There are too many guides touting the same thing: feel good and believe in yourself, etc. However, aside from giving you a mental pep-talk, it virtually does nothing to help you achieve self confidence. Confidence is something that is instilled in a person from a young age based on how good they were allowed to feel about themselves, that is why some people are overconfident and others might have a severe lack of. There is no benchmark or hard and fast rules to it, but there are some ways to help you come into your own. 

Learn a new skill and keep at it till you’re good at it

Being able to do something (that hopefully nobody else does) well will do wonders for your self esteem. While comparison is the thief of joy, there is really nothing to top the feeling of being able to bake the best cake, or draw the best birthday card. Being able to offer your skills to your friends or family will also do wonders for your confidence, as bringing people happiness will help boost your self worth. It should not be said that being useful to others is a marker of how confident you can be, but it is not a secret that we humans crave to be needed. It is not a shameful thing, but rather, there is nothing more natural.  

Being happy in your own skin

Many self-help guides or gurus will try to convince you that you should love yourself just the way you are, even if you are morbidly obese or suffering from horrible acne. Therefore, it is not the healthiest method as oftentimes what you need is to make a change in your lifestyle. While exercise and a healthy diet is oftentimes the go-to standard (which nobody will judge you for), it is also okay to opt for liposuction surgery or minor plastic surgery to enhance your looks, including laser to smoothen the appearance of your skin. The secret is not to be greedy – ask yourself what is the one thing you wish you can change about yourself, and once it has been improved, you will be content. Once you have that certain something, stick to it and take the plunge. Once you are comfortable with your appearance, confidence will follow. 

Push yourself and hustle hard

Confidence comes with success. If you are amazing at your job, your attitude will reflect that. Being lazy and procrastinating will put a damper on your outlook on life, simply because you are not being productive. Humans were not made to rot away – that will only invite mental illnesses into your mind as you begin to fret and worry about not meeting your potential. So build a bucket list of everything you want to do with the moon as your limit, write down big dreams, silly dreams, short term goals and what you want to achieve in the long run. Write down your to-do list and go out and do it. It might be simple things such as “buy eggs” – the moment you cross it off your list, it will give you satisfaction like you have never known before.