Caffeine Impacts Your Sleep

The average person today has an 8 second attention span – is this any wonder with how many distractions we’re constantly bombarded with? 98% of the workforce is interrupted 3 to 4 times every day with office workers being interrupted every 11 minutes. Everywhere you look something is trying to grab your attention with bright colors and flashing lights. We see up to 10,000 marketing messages every day and our phones buzz dozens of times per day, making it harder and harder to stay focused. It can take over 20 minutes to recover from these distractions and lost time, per person, costs businesses $10,000 per year. 

In the fight to regain control of our focus and ward off distractions, many turn to coffee, tea, and other sources of caffeine to stay more awake and more focused. Over 40% of Millennials in the US regularly consume these kinds of foods and drinks for this very reason. But the world doesn’t need more caffeine. While numerous benefits are often cited, caffeine only provides energy, not focus. Caffeine often causes sleep problems and tolerances to it quickly build up, making it effectively useless. 

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