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  • Nine of the Best Mattresses on the Market

    You might need a new mattress if: You wake up with a crick in your neck or a backache that won’t go away; you can’t seem to fall asleep as easily as you used to; or you keep waking up all night long. And when you decide on a new mattress, Amazon is ready to […]

  • 5 Health Benefits Of Good Sleeping Habits

    We all savor the downtime provided by a good night’s sleep, but few understand the full spectrum of awesomeness that results from getting plenty of sleep.  Your body needs the rest that sleep provides for many different processes.   Take some time to learn a little more about just how important a good night’s sleep […]

  • 7 Risk Factors That Could Lead to Sleep Apnea

    7 Risk Factors That Could Lead to Sleep Apnea

    Millions of Americans struggle with sleep disorders, but some are more serious than others. In sleep apnea, sufferers momentarily stop breathing while asleep; sometimes these pauses are practically unnoticeable, providing only a temporary lapse in normal patterns. Other times, they’re a significant source of sleep disruption and poor health. Sleep apnea can’t be cured, but […]

  • Can Stress Worsen Snoring?

    It’s easy to see how poor sleep and stress are associated with one another. For example, when we have poor sleep, it can cause stress in our lives when we’re awake. The stress we experience during the day can then keep us from sleeping at night. Air Passages When we feel stress, our bodies will […]

  • Surprising Ways to Achieve Better Sleep

    Sleep plays a crucial role in your physical health, benefiting your heart, body and mind. It’s also vital to creativity, learning and lowering stress, so it’s clear that losing sleep on a nightly basis can considerably reduce your quality of life. While most of us are aware of the health benefits of adequate sleep, they […]

  • Your Bedding Is The Likely Culprit For Your Allergy Woes

    Allergy Problems Caused by Your Bedding Do you wake up sneezing or rubbing your itchy eyes? Do you find yourself with the sniffles or sinus headaches at night, only to have them disappear once you’ve left your bedroom? If so, you may be experiencing an allergic reaction to dust mites. These microscopic bugs, only 0.4mm […]

  • 7 Myths About Healthy Sleep You Should Know

    7 Myths About Healthy Sleep You Should Know

    A growing number of Americans aren’t getting enough sleep. According to the CDC, a whopping 35 percent of American adults aren’t getting the recommended amount of sleep every night—and that’s making them vulnerable to a host of different conditions and diseases, including obesity and heart disease. Part of the problem is that we haven’t made […]

  • Poor Sleep Increases Your Risk Of Dementia

    Not getting enough sleep has always been known to be bad for your health. Having lack of sleep has been connected with diabetes, depression, heart disease, and other concerning ailments. Now, scientists have shown that a lack of shut eye can also have a negative impact on your brain, increasing your risk of developing Alzheimer’s […]

  • 3 Homeopathic Ways to Wind Down Before Bed

    Just a few months ago my nights consisted of playing peek-a-boo with my alarm clock. 2Am. 3:32am. 4:00Am. 4:25Am…Every night it was the same pattern. I’d cycle through the unfinished to-do list in my head, scroll through my Newsfeed on my iPad, watch some TV and then look at the time and get angry at […]

  • 5 External Factors Influencing Sleep Patterns

    Sleep is something which is very important. Too little of it can be damaging to the performance of an ordinary person. When people sleep regularly, this is called a sleeping pattern. However, your sleeping pattern can be disrupted by external factors, and we’re taking a look at the top things which can influence your sleeping […]