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  • How to Achieve Optimal Positioning for Side Sleeping

    The average person will sleep approximately one-third of their life. Getting healthy sleep is essential to help you get through your day, rest and restart your brain, and stay healthy. If you’re not getting a good night’s sleep, it might be as simple as the way you’re sleeping. Side-sleeping can be a good way to […]

  • How to Choose the Best Mattress for Your Body Type

    When it comes to mattresses, one size does not fit all. Mattresses may all look similar, but under the surface, there are different components such as comfort level, durability, and specific industrial design. You’ll need to find the one best suited for your height, weight, and body shape. From tiny to tall and everything in […]

  • Which methods help you sleep like a baby at night?

    Quality sleep is necessary if you always want to function optimally and enjoy good health.  Not sleeping enough at night can actually compromise your immune system and immune function, did you know that?  While sleeping on the right mattress and bed frame plays a large role in determining how well you sleep at night, it […]

  • You can Live Longer Without Eating than Without Sleeping!!!

    Most people I have met in my life who talk about living a healthy life only mention about their diet and workout routine but hardly has someone mentioned about the number of hours they sleep. Even if they do, it is prioritized at the end which gets me to think that how humans are unaware […]

  • Why do we sleep?

    “Why do we need sleep at all? Is there a single primary function of sleep, or does sleep serve many functions?” Those questions were posed by scientists at the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard University in a study entitled ‘Why Do We Sleep, Anyway?‘ It seems bizarre that such a question could have befuddled scientists […]

  • Natural Solutions for Getting Better Sleep

    Quality sleep is essential for helping you to be alert and productive during the day. Unfortunately, there are many things that can interfere with your ability to get proper rest. Being stressed out, dealing with a noisy sleep environment and having insomnia are just a few reasons why you may find yourself wide awake at […]

  • Choosing the Best Mattress for a Healthy Night Sleep

    According to doctors’ recommendation, an adult is supposed to sleep for an average of 8 hours per day to give your body and brain time to relax. This means that we spend more than a third of our lives sleeping considering that children surpass the 8 hour mark. There are many health, lifestyle and performance-related […]

  • The Role of Sleep for a Better Life

    As Aristotle once said, the purpose and meaning of life is happiness. If you’re unhappy with your situation, it won’t be long until you’ll end up in a rotten state. You can settle with that. But you know what else you can do? Sleep. You need to get enough sleep. About 8 hours of rest […]


    It’s a familiar story: You’re 100% set on waking up early, since it seems like all successful people start their days before sunrise, but when the morning comes, all your good intentions could not get you out of bed. Going to sleep late could be one of the reasons you have a hard time waking up. Many sleep experts agree the best thing […]

  • What foods will help me sleep?

    Lucky for you there are ample amounts of research when it comes to this topic. The NIH and many prominent sleep organizations have made it their mission to bring you some of the best information on the internet. Sleepcompare has broken down some of the best foods so lets get started! What food groups should I […]