Calming yourself for a trip to the dentist

Everyone has fears, and going to the dentist is a very common fear for someone to have. For some, the trip to the dentists can cause fears regarding to pain they are going to have to feel as well as any number of other mental concerns. However, if you handle your fear properly, than there is no reason for the dentist to upset you in the least.

Firstly, you need to calm yourself down. Well before you even schedule a trip, sit back and relax. You have to imagine what is going to happen on the trip and walk yourself through the process. The last thing you want is a surprise, so imagine the trip with every possible (but logical) consequence. That means, imagine you are late, or the dentist is late. Imagine that it takes a little longer than you thought. But don’t imagine any outlandish scenarios of being hurt. This doesn’t help. What does help is wrapping your mind around the trip you are about to make.

Then, schedule an appointment, although some schools of thought say it is best to get it out of the way quickly, make sure to give yourself a little time. Make the appointment a few weeks from now and then try to consider the positives each day leading up to it. You need to tell yourself that the trip to the dentist isn’t any big deal and with days leading up to it, you can raise your comfort level more and more.

Make sure that when the day comes, you have someone bring you. If you are afraid of something, it is best to face it with someone you trust and love. By bringing this person, they can settle any last minute nerves that come up, but at the same time they will be able to be a little tough with you. You need someone to remind you to calm down, but if you start to worry will tell you to knock it off, because this kind of a fear is mostly in your head. Sometimes, just being told to be quiet is helpful.

Take deep breaths when your name is called. You can look to your friend, and encourage them to come into the office with you. There’s no reason to worry when you have your friend by your side and the dentist usually won’t mind. Make sure you stick with deep breaths right up until the exam begins. You need to keep yourself calm and this is one of the best and easiest ways to do that.

When you are in the chair, don’t let your mind run wild. Nothing is going to go wrong, and if something hurts a little, it is just a typical pain that comes from a dentist’s visit. There is nothing to worry about and the last thing you need to do is let yourself get out of control with scenarios that aren’t going to happen.

Tell the dentist. I know that it doesn’t sound like your favorite idea, but dentists are very aware that some people are uncomfortable about going to see them and by telling them, not only will they offer you comforting words, but they will make sure and take it a little slower and easier on you. They will also tell you what they are doing a little clearer so that you are okay.

It is a good idea to remind yourself that this trip is only one thing you have to do that day. Schedule other things that day so that you can think that when you leave the office you have other things to do and you can try to focus on the short length of time you are actually going to be with the dentist. You can also offer yourself a reward so that you can think that leaving the office means you can go to the movies, or any other prize you want to give yourself. It is always a good idea to keep your mind occupied, and by offering a busy day or a prize, you can spend some of the time you’re in the chair caught up in your own mind.

By following these simple steps it should make the dentist a little easier for you. However it will most likely take several trips before you are truly comfortable going.

Jessie Flesner is a freelance writer in New Albany, Indiana. She often writes about the dental industry for