Career Change? Consider a Yoga Teacher Training!

Does it feel like you’re just going through the motions with your current career? Can you imagine what it would be like to make a living doing something that you’re truly passionate about? With a yoga teacher training from School Yoga Institute, you can open the doors to an exciting new career path—or just deepen your knowledge of yoga and yogic living for your own personal transformation and growth. Either way, you’re certain to emerge from School Yoga Institute’s 200-hour yoga teacher training 200 with some newfound perspectives in life and a clearer understanding of the inner workings of the heart. Upon leaving, you will have forged a mind-body connection that will serve you in every area of your life!

What’s Your Passion?

Whether you are already a committed yogi who’d like to share your passion for the practice by becoming a registered yoga teacher or if you are just starting to learn about yoga and mindfulness and want to truly immerse yourself in the practice and the culture – SYI’s yoga teacher training programs are one of a kind and best in the field. SYI’s trainings are held at six exotic and sacred retreat centers all over the world. If you’re interested in travel and 21 days of immersive training in the art of yoga and the shamanic medicine wheel, School Yoga Institute is the optimal place to begin your journey.

Teacher Training for Future Instructors

One of the best ways to deepen your understanding of yoga is by learning how to teach it yourself. Like many who practice yoga, you may feel drawn to the idea of being able to share it and teach it to others. School Yoga Institute’s 200-hour teacher training is an intensive and immersive program that gives you the confidence and knowledge that you’ll need to lead yoga practices like a seasoned professional. Along the way, you will forge bonds with others who are in training and you will be immersed in an environment that is conducive to making the most of the spiritual lessons and guidance that are provided.

Deepen Your Practice with Teacher Training

School Yoga Institute’s yoga teacher training is not limited to those who want to eventually become yoga instructors. In fact, the majority of those who come to one of their six locations for training do so not so that they can teach, per se, but so that they can gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of the practice. While there is a lot to be gained by practicing diligently at home or at a local studio, these immersive programs provide the in-depth instruction that is needed to cultivate a truly deep and meaningful understanding of the yogic lifestyle.


There is a lot of anticipation and apprehension that arises when contemplating planning such a big trip. It is an extremely life altering decision to travel abroad for 3-weeks to work on yourself and dive deep into spiritual awakening. This is a common theme for students before a training begins. If you ask any of School Yoga Institute’s alumni, the pros of this decision far outweigh the cons. SYI’s training gives you accessible and approachable tools to truly transform your life. This type of transformation is only available to individuals who are truly ready. If you’re ready, we encourage you to take this leap. Step out of your comfort zone, and find yourself.

One of the first steps would be to decide which location you feel drawn to. School Yoga Institute currently holds their yoga teacher training courses in Bali, Peru, Guatemala, Fiji, and Costa Rica.

    • Pondok Pitaya Retreat Center, Balian Beach, Bali
    • Kura Kura Resort, Seseh Beach, Bali
    • Indigo Surf Yoga Retreat, Mal Pais, Costa Rica
    • Daku Resort, Savusavu Bay, Fiji
    • Mystical Yoga Farm, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
  • Sacha Munay, Sacred Valley, Peru

The trainings are 21 days long and the price of tuition includes training and other activities across all of those days. Room and board, which includes three gourmet meals per day, is charged separately, and the same is true of the cost of getting to the location. Once you are there, though, you can expect to transition into a world that is completely focused on yoga, meditation, mindfulness and awakening to the spirituality within yourself. Every day of your stay will be packed with activities that allow you to make the most of your training experience. Begin each day with a peaceful sunrise meditation, and then move right over to a 90-minute asana practice to get your mind and body ready for what’s to come. After enjoying a traditional yogic breakfast, you will spend time learning about yogic theory and healing practices through classes, workshops and group discussions. At evening gatherings, you will practice Kirtan chants, and you will close out each day sitting in a Sacred Circle.

What You Will Get

Upon completion of School Yoga Institute’s 200-hour teacher training program, you will receive a certificate that confirms your completion of a Yoga Alliance accredited program. Once you receive this certificate, you can register with Yoga Alliance as an official Registered Yoga Teacher. More importantly, you will come away with a deeper, more innate understanding of yogic theory and practice. Before you are finished, you will learn how to teach two asana sequences—Mystical Hatha Flow and Mystical Vinyasa Flow—and you will learn how to create your own sequences. In this way, you will be able to bring yoga even more intimately into your life, and you will be able to use your knowledge to enrich others’ lives with the gift of yoga.

An Immersive Yoga Experience

Regardless of whether you intend to teach yoga someday or not, you will emerge from your training with School Yoga Institute with a deeper knowledge of yogic practice and theory that will serve you well throughout your life. SYI’s programs draw together a community of like-minded people, including teachers and fellow students, and everyone is there to learn more about and to celebrate the practices of yoga and shamanism.

Throughout your stay, you will be deeply immersed in a traditional yogic lifestyle. This includes consuming an all-vegetarian diet and avoiding unnatural and unnecessary substances for the duration of your stay. Students are asked not to use any technology or communication devices during their training because they draw students away from the matter at hand. At any rate, you will find that you have no use for them during your stay; instead, you will be eager to be fully present for each and every moment—and that tendency will carry on long after you’ve completed your training.

Get a Clean Break

In addition to coming away from your teacher training with a deeper and more intrinsic understanding of yoga, shamanism and the mind-body connection, you will have the opportunity to break away from damaging patterns and to establish a new path in life. Away from the chaos of everyday life, you’ll be able to switch your perspective and put an end to patterns of running yourself ragged.

Whether you are looking to break away from negative patterns in relationships, at work, with food or even with substances like alcohol and drugs, escaping to a School Yoga Institute training is certain to do the trick. Whether in Fiji, Costa Rica, Peru, Guatemala or Bali, you’ll have 21 days of clean, holistic living in an environment that is conducive to getting back in touch with the innate spirituality that dwells within each of us. SYI’s trained facilitators will guide you along on a path that is sure to result in incredible amounts of personal and spiritual transformation.

Change Your Life Today

Many times in life, the only way to get ahead is by taking a big, gutsy step into uncharted territory. School Yoga Institute’s yoga teacher training can help you get the ball rolling on an exciting new path in life. Even if you only do so to deepen your understanding of yoga and related topics, the retreat is sure to give you the perspective that you need to continue on more purposefully in life.