Trade Embargo and Sanctions

Trade Embargo and Sanctions

Dr. Jordan Sudberg is a New York-based medicine specialist focused on Spine and Sports Rehabilitation Pain management, where he serves as the Medical Director and Chief Executive Officer. He attended the St George’s University School of Medicine, where he graduated with a medical degree in 2004 before joining the Staten Island University Hospital for his Internal Medicine Internship. The New York City native has vast experience working in different institutions, including being a research scientist at Massachusetts General Hospital and the Manhattan-based St. Vincent’s Medical Center. He was dedicated to conducting more research in musculoskeletal disorders and tissue engineering.

Apart from the professional training Dr. Sudberg obtained, he went through more training at Columbia Presbyterian University, where he improved his muscular diagnostics skills and nerve conduction studies. He has great interest and expertise in lower back research making the existing system effective in diagnosing causes of pain in the leg, pelvis, and back. Dr. Sudberg has professional membership at the Association of Academic Physiatrists, the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, American Fitness and Aerobics Association. He also offers medical students current material about the residency application process and PM&R.

Trade sanction is the process of creating a barrier to trading specific products. They are economic restrictions used to control commerce between nations. Creating the trade sanction is due to causes like humanitarian crimes, financial crimes, or diplomatic goals. Trade sanctions can be of different types based on political and diplomatic objectives. The trade sanctions can be applied broadly, affecting the whole country or selectively, affecting specific targeted individuals or entities.

Dr. Jordan is a former skier and a USTA Tennis Instructor. He defines embargo as the barrier created within a country or several countries in a particular way. They are restrictions considered robust diplomatic measures that elicit the national interest in the imposed country. The embargo can be for imports, where a person or company is restricted to import goods from a particular country, or exports, where products from a company are embargoed, limiting their exportability.

Sanctions are imposed by the European Union, UN Security Council, US Department of Treasury (OFAC), and other nations. The Security Council imposes the sanctions, and the member nations enact them as rules or laws. Trade embargoes and Sanctions are essential in ensuring the consumers get a relatively cheap experience. All companies should adhere to the AML requirements during the onboarding process.

In 2019, OFAC developed a framework to help companies in the United States implement and shape economic sanctions compliance steps. Companies should use technology, expertise, and funds to trade economic sanction compliance and AML. Before sanction implementation, regular updates, geographic location, and data analysis are the significant factors always considered.

Dr. Jordan Sudberg is an experienced Kinesiologist and Physical Trainer with knowledge in entrepreneurship. He speaks conversational Spanish and fluent English. He is well informed in Regenerative Medicine, Peak Performance, and Elite Fitness. He offers his services in ensuring people suffering from back pain, joint pain, and knee pain are relieved.