Chiropractor vs Massage Therapy: What Are the Differences?

More than 30 million people suffer from back pain at any given time in the United States. 

Back pain can be caused by injuries, holding stress, and simply having bad posture.

Fortunately, with the help of the chiropractor and massage therapists, back problems can be resolved and eased. 

Continue reading to discover which you should choose, chiropractor vs massage therapy. 

1. The Areas Of Treatment

Depending on which type of treatment you decide to go with, you may want to consider what each one is targeting.

Chiropractors work on the spine and joints. This requires more educations and practice before legally practicing. Massage therapists work on the soft tissues of your skin like muscles and tendons. 

When you go to a chiropractor, they will spend most of the time adjusted areas around the spine to help straighten it. If you are experiencing muscle pain, this treatment won’t be beneficial.

Massage therapy targets the muscles and pain in the soft tissues of your skin. Instead of focusing on the spine, they massage inflamed areas throughout the body. Massage therapists learn about all of the nerves, tendons, and ligaments. They can use this knowledge on the hands, toes, and lower neck. 

2. They Help Different Things

Deciding between a chiropractor vs massage therapy can be easier if you know what condition you want to be treated.

Many people go to the chiropractor when they are experiencing tension, joint pain, and headaches. You can also benefit from going to the chiropractor if you suffer from insomnia and ear infections. 

People that visit a massage therapist, may see improvements with their blood pressure, anxiety, and skin condition. Massage therapy works by applying pressure and can release built-up tension.

Both of these treatments can help release tension in the body and offer a boost in immunity. 

3. Level Of Expertise

Chiropractors and massage therapists have different educational backgrounds that can help you compare.

A chiropractor is much more knowledgable on the human body and how the spine and joints work. This is important because the spine is vulnerable and could be life-threatening if not treated properly. Searching for the best chiropractor near me can help you find reputable doctors in your area. 

To become a chiropractor, you must obtain an undergraduate degree along with a doctorate from a chiropractic program. 

Although massage therapists require less education than chiropractors, they are still licensed. Massage therapists must attend an extensive program where they learn about the spine, joints, and nerves. 

If you go to a massage therapy location, you can ask to see their licenses and credentials to ensure that they are a reliable business. Checking online reviews and company sites can also help you find the best places in your area. 

4. What They’re Used For

Since there are so many differences between chiropractic care and massage therapy, they are used for different things. 

If you are suffering from pain around the back, neck, or shoulders, a chiropractor may be most beneficial. They can help relieve tension and treat symptoms of arthritis. When you are looking to relax and get rid of tension, massage therapy is recommended.  

People tend to go to a massage therapist when they feel like pampering themselves. Most of the time when someone goes to the chiropractor it is because they are experiencing pain somewhere or need a weekly adjustment. 

Both methods of relief can reduce pain and improve your wellbeing. When you don’t have a strain on your body, your organs and muscles can properly work. You will benefit most from treatment if you see a massage therapist and chiropractor regularly. 

Getting the two forms of treatment can help prevent future injuries. Massage therapy helps loosen up muscles so that chiropractors can straighten it out. 

5. Level Of Comfort

If you are deciding between a chiropractor and massage therapist, you may want to consider your level of comfort.

Typically, a chiropractor will have you lie on a specialized bench in your normal clothes. They will adjust your entire body, touching parts of your neck, back, and sides. If you are uncomfortable with the doctor touching these areas, you may want to talk to them about your concerns. 

Going to a massage therapist will require a different level of comfort. Massage therapy is often done with little or no clothing in the treated areas. Depending on where you want to be treated, the massage therapist will work in that area. They typically focus on one area if there is pain, but can relieve tension throughout the back, legs, and arms. 

Talking to professionals and getting recommendations is recommended. The most important thing is to find someone you are comfortable with. Unfortunately, if you aren’t able to relax, both forms of treatment could be harmful. 

Deciding Between The Chiropractor Vs Massage Therapy 

Now that the facts are in, it’s time to choose between going to the chiropractor vs massage therapy. 

Chiropractors have more education and experience when compared to massage therapists. Both of them can help many conditions and prevent pain in the future. 

If you are wanting to get rid of back and shoulder pain, the chiropractor is recommended. They can help straighten the spine and ensure that everything is in the correct place.

Massage therapy is much different and focuses on soft tissues. This treatment is best when there is a muscle strain, torn ligaments, and even damaged tendons. Depending on what area is bothering you, you can select the best treatment. 

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