Choosing a Farmhouse Dinning Table

Farmhouse tables are also known as Harvest tables. This is because they were a common stay in many 19th century cellars mostly used to sort produce from the field. Their structural integrity thus had to be great to support a great weight of the products placed on them. The simplicity of a farmhouse dining table is its greatest attraction. Initially built from cheap materials and pieces of wood from around the farm, they have over time become a valued piece of furniture around the house even in urban areas.

Today, antique farm tables are being transformed for other functional purposes such as dinner tables, reading table, activities, or for placing various items such as decorations on them. The classic look they bring to the house add to the aesthetic look in the house especially if they match the interior of the house. Many small companies started appearing in the UK specialized in creating unique handmade rustic furniture. The most popular one in the UK is the Farm House Table Company, well known for its quality and design but with slighter higher prices (you get what you pay for right?). However, there are many other cheaper options out there with less quality but still offering decent looking designs.

So, what should you look at when looking for a Farmhouse Dining Table?
When choosing a dining table, you need to look at a few things to ensure that the table serves you perfectly. With so many weak/fragile coffee tables in the market today, a farmhouse table is welcome as it can handle anything place on it without the worry of being damaged. The great hardwood, sturdy tapered legs with no overly decorative flourishes give a warm welcoming and powerful feel to your home. This timeless treasure is one that will make your home look more alive and all the more interesting.

Farmhouse Table Shape

Farmhouse dining tables come in different shapes with the most basic being round, square and rectangle with the base also varying.

  • Rectangular tables are the most common of them all. When choosing a rectangular table, you need to put into consideration the purpose of the table such as the number of people you would like to fit into the table. to fit four comfortably on the table it needs to be 4 ft long while to sit six it needs to be 6 ft long. The with should be at least 36 inches to give ample legroom and serving space.
  • Square tables are best for seating four people as they can fit in comfortably.
  • Roundtables just like square tables are very suited for small groups of people just the good old roundtable meetings. It also brings a sense of intimacy.

Farmhouse Table Base

Decorations on the base of a farmhouse table are quite rare because of the simplicity associated with them. The most basic form is the four-legged table with others being those with either trestles or pedestals at the base as a simple form of decoration.

Farmhouse Table Tops
The table top is the most important part of a table and offers a very interesting variety of style and appearance.  They can be plain natural or finished with clear matt hardwax oil which protect the tops from spillages, stains and provides a strong enough protection to allow hot plates and cups to be placed on the surface. Usually the design changes accordingly with the table type of wood.

Farmhouse Table Wood

Choosing the right type of wood for your farmhouse table is key for longevity and style. Upon deciding what color of wood to use, then you can now consider other wood factors such as cost, grain, and durability.  When deciding on cost, you have to keep in mind that farmhouse tables utilize solid wood and not the common mass-produced board wood for tables so this might add to the cost a little. Next is considering the arrangement of wood fibers/texture of the wood also known as wood grain. This also affects the durability of the table. Durability is also key as farmhouse table are there for the long run. Durability simply tells how susceptible wood is to wear and tear. Popular woods for farmhouse tables are pine, walnut, maple, and oak.

Farmhouse tables are simple, functional, stylish and cost friendly furniture to have in your home. Whether buying or constructing one it is a piece of furniture that will serve you for a long time.