Clearing Paternity Doubts With a Home Paternity Test

Misattributed paternity has caused many men to suffer silently in the past, but things are changing. Offered by reputable testing facilities like EasyDNA USA, home paternity tests have become an essential tool to protect the interest of fathers — biological and non-biological — everywhere. 

If you or someone you know is having paternity doubts, EasyDNA home paternity test offers a reliable solution. Here are 4 strong reasons to consider it.

1. Home paternity tests involve a simple and painless procedure.

As many as 26 million Americans have taken a consumer DNA test so far, which can be attributed to the ease of the procedure. Unlike traditional blood tests that are invasive, there are no needles involved in home paternity tests. 

The testing facility will send you a home DNA testing kit containing oral swabs that you use to collect cheek cells. All you need to do is rub these swabs inside your mouth, which only takes a minute or less. You do not need to worry as the home testing kits contain comprehensive but easy to follow instructions. 

2. Home paternity tests are highly accurate.

Even in the strongest of marriages, it can be hard to discount the possibility of paternity secrets. Hence, there is a need for a solution that is quick, easy, but also precise. Despite the simplicity of the procedure involved in home paternity tests, the results are extremely accurate. 

EasyDNA home paternity tests, in particular, uses 21 genetic markers to meet international testing standards. Guaranteeing maximum accuracy, the test will provide you with up to 99.99% probability of paternity in the case of an inclusion and 100% in the case of an exclusion. There is also no need to include the mother’s DNA sample to achieve this accuracy rate. 

3. The results of home paternity tests are ready in a short period of time.

Having paternity doubts can be a stressful time, and waiting too long for your test results to arrive can only elevate your anxiety. Thankfully, the results of home paternity tests are usually ready in a short period of time.

Assuming that you have collected your sample correctly and it did not get contaminated, you can expect to receive your results within 3 to 5 working days from the time the laboratory received your DNA samples. You also have full control of who can see your test results as it will be sent to your email address, unless you request otherwise.

4. Home paternity tests are more affordable. 

According to this study, as many as 300,000 paternity tests are being performed in the United States every year. Aside from the reasons mentioned above, a big factor behind the popularity of home paternity tests might have something to do with the affordability of the service. 

With EasyDNA USA, the cost of a home paternity test is only $119 to test one father and child. The low cost involved has even encouraged some to explore more consumer DNA testing options such as ancestry testing.

Misattributed paternity is a common issue that affects many men worldwide, but thanks to home paternity tests, clearing your paternity doubts have never been easier.