6 Tips to Build a Stronger Marriage

When you meet the love of your life, everything seems to fall into place. But as time goes on, and the marriage ensues, the honeymoon phase deteriorates and the real relationship struggles begin.

Don’t worry. Every marriage faces obstacles. But the couples that last put in the time and effort it takes to build a stronger marriage.


6 Tips to Build a Stronger Marriage

Everlasting love doesn’t come easy, but its worth it. Keep reading to learn how to strengthen your relationship for a lasting marriage.

1. Try New Things Together

Why do first dates and new relationships feel so exciting? Because everything is new and exciting!

New experiences heighten our senses and change our brain patterns, releasing neurotransmitters and creating that rush of adrenaline. This helps a relationship from feeling old so that you two can grow old together. If you start to notice your relationship feeling a little routine, spice it up a bit!

Traveling can put you in a happier place from experiencing new people, places, foods, and cultures together. If that’s not in the budget, make it a point to discover new local restaurants, bands, hiking trails, and other fun places and activities together in your hometown. You can even make this as simple as grocery shopping together twice a month and finding new food and drinks to try at home.

Some other fun things to try together include:

  • taking a class
  • learning a new sport
  • reading and discussing one book a month
  • skydiving
  • scuba diving
  • choosing a different charity to volunteer for each month
  • picnicking
  • fishing
  • white water rafting

Doing this will expand your horizons and keep your relationship alive.

2. Still Look Nice for One Another

As relationships grow, we feel more comfortable around our partners and let down our walls. Sometimes a little too much.

You can still go no makeup and sweats on lazy days around the house. But every once in a while, make that same effort to look nice for them that you made on the first date.

Even though you can love each other at your worst, you still need to see each other at your best. Remind each other that you both still have it. 

Stay home and make a romantic dinner together looking like tens. Or, turn heads out on the town when you cannot take your eyes off each other. Aside from kicking up the chemistry, this will also show your other half that you still want to make an effort for them.

3. Celebrate Everything

Why do people celebrate anything? Celebrations give events meaning and place importance on them. They also put most people in a fantastic mood.

This can mean giving gifts, like Jewlery from SuperJeweler, for certain occasions. However, you can also celebrate in other ways. Some things, you may simply want to acknowledge with a whiteboard message and a kiss or a little toast at dinner.

Make it a point to decorate your home together for festive holidays. Attend parties and throw your own.

Acknowledge even the tiniest milestones with each other and that seems important for your partner. They will feel more loved and appreciated. 

Living in this way will help you two build a life of gratitude and happiness together. It doesn’t matter how you do it, just that you make it a point to celebrate. 

4. Do the Deed

In ancient Sparta, male soldiers actually coupled up to increase military effectiveness. The state realized that sex would raise morale and strengthen the bond between soldiers, making them more likely to put their life on the line to protect their brothers in arms.

This bond occurs because of skin to skin touch alone releases love chemicals, like dopamine and oxytocin, and sex releases them in larger amounts. Also, human touch decreases the stress hormone cortisol in the body. And it feels really good.

Creating this chemistry bonds us to our partners. Plus, it’s healthy to make each other feel wanted. Keep that fire alive by getting it on regularly. 

5. Communicate Effectively

Miscommunication between partners can lead to confusion, unhappiness, mistrust, and feelings of neglect. This rips marriages apart.

Effective communication depends on speaking your thoughts and feelings in a respectful way. You must learn to stop blame speak like, “you make me feel…” Use phrases like, “I feel…”

But more than that, it requires active listening skills. This means rather than simply hearing your partner, you show them that you’re listening.

To actively listen:

  • let them speak without interruptions, even if you do not agree with their words
  • make appropriate eye contact
  • lean in and nod
  • verbally affirm their words by saying, “I understand” or “I see how you might feel that way”
  • get rid of distractions, like your phone, tablet, or music for the conversation

Sometimes no matter how couples try, they simply do not speak the same language. Learn each other’s love language to understand how you both tend to give and receive love.

6. Choose to Love Each Other Every Single Day

Speak this existence. Words help create the world around us. They can break or improve a marriage.

You can both feel angry and still love your partner. Make sure you communicate that to them. Resolve this anger before you go to bed or leave each other for an extended period of time.

Loving somebody happens chemically initially, but it remains through constant choices. When they show you a flaw, remind them and yourself of their good attributes.

Most importantly, choose to stay faithful. Don’t let the chemicals a new person stirs up to dissolve the solid foundation you’ve built.

Love remains and grows through a series of choices. Choose them every time by not allowing fleeting feelings to ruin something real.

Fan Your Flame Together

Use these tips to help you build a stronger marriage together. Some of these actions may come easier than others but remember it takes time and practice to turn healthy gestures into habits.

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