Coconut Oil May Help To Combat Tooth Decay

Everyone is worried about their dental hygiene. You may be doing everything you can to help with the health of your teeth and while you may be brushing and flossing daily, are you really doing everything that you can for dental decay prevention? If you don’t want to be shopping for dentures in the near future, you might want to think about using coconut oil supplements to keep your mouth and teeth in tip top shape.

What is Coconut Oil?

Coconut oil has been considered for centuries as one of the most nutritionally dense foods around the world – and it has been eaten for thousands of years. It is a natural antibiotic, which is what makes it such a popular food; and it can destroy all sorts of microbes, which includes protozoa and bacteria.

When you look at the health of your teeth, it is not hard to see how coconut oil could be beneficial for keeping your teeth in good shape. Each and every day, there is bacteria entering the mouth. If you have a cavity, gum disease, or any other problem going on, even in the early stages, the bacteria can make things worse, causing pain and possibly more dentists visits. Coconut oil can help your oral health by destroying everyday bacteria.

Even in industrialized countries like the United States and Canada, most people are affected by tooth decay. Streptococcus and Candida albicans are two forms of bacteria that can cause tooth decay because the acids are considered toxic and are able to breakdown the structure of your teeth.

Through the regular use of enzyme-modified coconut oil, the bacteria is removed in its entirety. The oils in the coconut are capable of fighting microbial infection – and this means that introducing it into your everyday oral care routine can help with dental decay prevention.

The Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has a number of great benefits. Not only can it help with the prevention of tooth decay but it can also promote heart health, lower bad cholesterol, support proper thyroid functions which can help with weight loss, and strengthen the immune system. The coconut oil in its natural state can be very powerful addition to your diet for overall health and wellness, not just for dental health.

Just cutting out junk food is not enough. There are plenty of animals that eat no sugar whatsoever, such as dolphins, and they are susceptible to tooth decay as well. This means that junk food, sugar, and processed foods are not the only thing to blame.

The coconut oil is capable of pulling out some of the dangerous oils found in bacteria. Since it has been proven to combat both streptococcus and candida albicans, it is capable of preventing tooth decay. It is these two forms of bacteria that are the most responsible for causing such decay.

You can’t expect a great diet to be enough to save your teeth from decay. When coconut oil has been proven to make a difference, it is worth incorporating into your oral regime in order to prevent losing your teeth.

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