Coconut Water Shampoo for Natural Nourishment

One of the most nourishing natural ingredients for hand made shampoo is coconut water. This nutrient rich and naturally cleansing, conditioning ingredient is invaluable for silky and soft hair that can’t be beat by store bought products. There is something especially nurturing about preparing your own pampering products. One of the best recipes is extremely simple including nothing more than raw honey and coconut water in a 1-3 ratio. This simple recipe sounds sticky, but cleanses wonderfully and rinses easily.

If you want a more powerful deep clean, the addition of pure castile soap to the mixture will enhance the cleansing function for those with more oily hair. This can be a little bit drying if you don’t have oily hair to begin with. Coconut water can also be replaced with coconut milk if you are looking for deeper conditioning. The best thing about this type of recipe is how versatile they are. You can easily experiment with different ingredients, or with different amounts of the ingredients you love. There are many fantastic oils such as avocado, or olive that have specific qualities, essential oils that each provides both fragrance and other beneficial qualities.

Coconut water is delicious whether you intend to drink it, as a nutritional or hydration supplement or whether you use it in lotions, hair treatments, and other beauty treatments. One of nature’s most perfect creations, coconut water naturally leaves a delightful trace of coconut sweetness when used as a hair rinse or shampoo. It’s best to make a small batch of shampoo at a time since natural ingredients are vulnerable to spoiling if not used within a few days. The mixture will also need to be shaken before use, as the honey is heavier and will settle to the bottom of the container.

Many store bought products are starting to realize the appeal of natural ingredients. Though they will never be made as purely or naturally as what you can make at home. Honey and coconut water are nature’s perfect cleansing ingredients. The fragrance of these combined ingredients is perfectly balanced with sweetness and if you want a little bit of warmth a few drops of cinnamon essential oil, or cloves and orange can be extremely wonderful. There are no limits to the creations you can make with this one universally essential ingredient.

Coconut water shampoo is also extremely cost effective and can easily save you money. It’s easy to create your own products for pennies, which is excellent for the pocket book. Though it takes a decent blender to get the consistency right, it is extremely simple to create your own concoctions. Experimentation with consistency, quantity and fragrance can be really fun. Many people find once their recipe is perfected, it is profitable to share it with friends, and family, or even to sell at local craft shows or online. Natural products are only growing in popularity and the necessary ingredients are easy to find and readily available.