Young women at visit at her psychotherapist

Counseling Services For Individuals

At some point in a
person’s life, they may feel like they are spiraling down or having what we
would refer to as crisis, affecting their overall wellbeing. During that time,
it may feel as if the world is about to end, and nothing makes sense at all.
Such periods may be characterized by habits like an addiction to either drugs
or alcohol, or unhealthy coping skills. It could also happen that the
individual is suffering from depression or anxiety, or is trying to cope with
grief in one its many forms, from dealing with the loss of a loved one, to a
rejection from someone they once held dear. Without a doubt, such a person
needs the services of St. George
Integrated Counseling and Wellness, to put their lives back in shape.

Other Things That Could Affect Such An Individual Include:

Social Factors: Trying to meet up with the expectations set by society, such as getting a job or having a degree, at a particular age.

Financial Factors: Possibly, the person has built up debt over a period of time, and there is no way to pay it. Maybe the person needs money to deal with a financial obligation, and it does not look like they can do it. 

Health Factors: The person may have been diagnosed with an illness or a disease they see as life-threatening, or that can destabilize their life as it is. Circumstances around the disease can add a physical strain on a person’s life. 

Those are some
examples of factors that could affect an individual’s life, making it look like
coping, or surviving past that phase is impossible. 

If any of the
described scenarios above describe your life in any way, do not lose hope.
Contrary to what you think, it is possible to deal with this phase, and take
back control of your life. With the help of St. George Integrated Counseling and Wellness, you can get ahold
of situations in your life, and be a better version of yourself through
effective counseling sessions. 

What Is A Counseling Session?

A counseling session
is a private meeting between you and a professionally trained counselor. Private
in the sense that it is just you and the counselors in the room. As the session
goes on, you explain or try to describe your current life situation, with
helpful flashbacks to the counselor. The counselor may stay silent most of the
time, taking notes, but they are not ignoring you. This is because you are
starting to open up completely, and unnecessary interruptions could affect the
result that is to be obtained. 

Now, at appropriate
times, the counselor may ask questions to clarify things you may have left out,
intentionally or not. The purpose is for you to properly share what’s on your
mind, so you can get to see things as a whole, and see how to effect changes
for yourself. The counselor does not give advice, contrary to popular thought.
Instead, they make recommendations for you to follow, which is something like a
guideline for you to act within. 

Oftentimes, a problem shared is a problem half-solved. As we may not be willing to layout problems before our family and friends due to fear of criticism or rebuke, talking to someone who you are not as familiar with, but that you can trust, is enough to help. 

Why You Need A Counselor or Counseling Services

If counseling is just
talking about your problems, why can’t anyone else listen to you? Why do you
need St.
George Integrated Counseling and Wellness

The fact that
counselors are usually trained personnel means that they can handle cases like
these because they will not make the same errors untrained people would. For

1. They Do Not Give Advice

As stated above,
counselors do not give advice like a friend or relative would. Rather they make
recommendations. Any advice includes things you are meant to do, and that
negates the point of a counseling session, which is to get you to see things
from another view and take charge of things. 

2. They Do Not Pass Judgement

Unlike talking to a
friend or relative, a counselor will not pass judgment. Why? Because it is not
in their place to do so. Besides, passing judgement achieves nothing, making it
quite unnecessary, and very unhealthy thing to do for the client.

3. They Ensure Confidentiality

You can rest assured
that whatever you tell the counselor stays between the both of you. That way,
your story does not get to be the talk of the town in the coming days. So you
can rightly bare all, and fix your problems with ease. 

4. They Do Not Develop Unnecessary Attachments

Talking to a friend
may make them develop unnecessary emotional interest or attachment in you,
making them want to take advantage of your situation. But with a counselor,
that would not happen as their sole and only aim is to help you get your life

Understand that
problems can be overcome and that whatever problem you may have, it is only a
matter of time, and with the proper help and guidance you can get through it
quickly and have a healthier state of mind.