Doctor-Approved Tips on How to Avoid Back Pain Throughout the Day

A recent report has shown that nearly 65 million Americans have reported some back pain to a physician. 

There are many causes for back pain, and often it is difficult to pin it down to one thing.

However, doctors have come up with proven methods that can help you avoid back pain throughout each day. 

Continue reading to discover the top tips on how to avoid back pain and when you should see a doctor.

1. Workout Regularly

Doing small workouts daily is highly recommended if you want to avoid back pain.

Back pain is often a symptom of being overweight. Focusing on your fitness can help get you back in shape and ease your back pain. It is important to not push yourself too hard; otherwise, you may get injured. 

Core (abdominal) workouts are the most beneficial for back pain because they help strengthen the back muscles. 

Being inactive can reduce the muscles and movement of the limbs. Your body should be utilizing its full potential; inactivity is the worst thing you can do for your back. 

2. Put Your Cigarette Out

Quitting smoking can dramatically improve your back health.

The more you smoke, the more your spine ages. Eventually, your spine can begin deteriorating and lead to worse injuries. Although smoking may not appear to have a connection with back pain, it does. 

Even inhaling secondhand smoke can be back for your back. The best way to avoid pain is by avoiding smoke. 

3. Practice Good Posture

If you constantly have your shoulders shrugged and in a weird position, you probably deal with more back pain than those who practice good posture. 

Those who are unsure if their posture is okay should take a simple test. Start by standing with your back against the wall. In this position, your heels, buttocks, calves, shoulders, and back should be in contact with the wall. If your posture is correct, you should be able to fit your hand behind the small of your back.

Once you are in this position, take a step or two forward. If your posture changes, take the necessary steps to fix it. 

Getting a good work chair if you sit at a desk all day can also help you avoid back pain. 

4. Bend with Your Knees

Many people who report back injuries often get them from heavy lifting.

If you lift by bending at the waist, you are running a high risk of a back injury. Bending at the knees when picking up large or heavy items can help you avoid back pain. 

If you are lifting objects correctly, you should be in a squat position and do all the lifting with your legs. It is also important to stand straight up, twisting and going in other directions can also injure the back and strain muscles. 

5. Buy a Better Mattress

Are you waking up every morning in pain with an achy back? 

The problem may lie in your mattress if you do. When springs are poking at your back all night long, you may have to sleep in strange and uncomfortable positions. 

Getting a firm or softer mattress (depending on your needs) can help relieve back pain. It can also prevent you from putting all of your weight on one side, which can be hard on the back.

There are many different mattress reviews that you can look at to get a better understanding of your sleeping needs. 

6. Keep Muscles Loose

If you are learning how to avoid back pain, one of the best ways is by regularly stretching.

Stretching your body can help loosen up muscles and prevent you from holding onto tension. Tai Chi and yoga are great activities that will help keep your body stressed.

Doing stretches can also keep your spine from becoming compressed and relieve tension. Keeping your muscles loose can also prevent you from future injuries. Other benefits that you may see are an improvement in balance, strength, and flexibility.

When to See a Doctor 

Chronic back pain can become irritating and affect your life, but when should you see a doctor? 

If you are experiencing tense or constant pain on or near you back, make an appointment with your doctor. If untreated, pain may spread and make limbs numb or weak.

Redness and swelling are also red flags to watch out for when dealing with any back pain. 

Many people who don’t treat their back pain have trouble sleeping, working, and performing daily tasks. Once you experience a fever, seek immediate help from a doctor or go to the hospital. 

Always be open and honest with your physician about any back pain; they may help ease your discomfort. 

Take Back Your Life by Learning How to Avoid Back Pain 

Once you learn how to avoid back pain, you will wonder why you haven’t practiced these methods for your whole life.

Practicing good posture, stretching, and working out are all great ways to deal with pain. They also help strengthen the muscles and protect your spine. It is best to avoid smoking cigarettes or sleeping on a bad mattress. Both things can put you in more discomfort. 

It is important to talk to your doctor about any concerns you have, especially if you have just gone through trauma.

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