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Detoxify and Energize Your Body with Ozone Therapy

O3 Therapy

For centuries, people have sought after ways to re-energize and detoxify their bodies, quickly and effectively. With today’s hectic lifestyles, it’s more important than ever to slow down and infuse your body with positive, regenerative energy…as often as possible. There are plenty of options out there to help but only a few really hone a special type of respirative and physiological harmony — one of those is ozone therapy. This novel, yet widely unrecognized, type of therapy provides a myriad of benefits that help improve both life and health.

History and Background

Ozone therapy has been an effective treatment option for medical professionals and naturopaths for over a decade, primarily throughout Asia and Europe. Its effects are proven, consistent and carry minimal side effects[1]. Specifically, it aids in cellular energy production, detoxification, anti-aging and much more. While still not fully recognized in the U.S., it’s slowly winning over even the most traditional of practitioners. Until then, a growing number of people in the states have taken the initiative to start up their own ozone therapy, both to maintain their health and treat specific types of ailments. Here’s a sampling of its most popular uses…

Boost Your Immune System

As you know, your immune system is a critical part of your body’s primary defense. It doesn’t matter how often you detox, if your immune system isn’t working properly you WILL get ill (it’s really that simple). Ozone therapy helps boost your immune system through a variety of applications; traditionally, through treatment is provided via autohemotherapy, where a portion of your blood is removed, treated with oxygen and ozone, then infused back into your body.

In addition to fighting common colds and viruses, Ozone is extremely beneficial for a variety of autoimmune disorders. With AI, the immune system attacks perfectly healthy cells – ozone therapy prevents that from happening and, more importantly, fulfils your body’s antioxidant needs. The end result is a quick and more intelligently reactive immune system.

Kill Viruses and Bacteria on Contact

Medical ozone has been recognized as being more bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal than any other naturally occurring substance[2]. After treatment, blood samples show a nearly 100% removal of all pre-existing microorganisms (i.e, they’re killed immediately on contact). How exactly does it destroy bugs? Through a process called oxidation, ozone disrupts the cell wall of nearly all types of microorganisms. Once their walls are compromised, it’s a quick and immediate death.

Anti-Aging Properties in Ozone Therapy

For those looking to feel and appear younger, ozone therapy is a novel option. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), “O3 was found to activate the antioxidant system” and “prevented oxidative stress by normalizing the organic peroxide levels by activating superoxide dismutase.”[1] In other words, it offsets the effects of stress and triggers your natural antioxidant system, which is a HUGE part of maintaining healthy and youthful-looking skin.

Of course, the anti-aging effects of systemic treatments are typically seen much more than skin deep. Ozone helps turn back the hands of time on a variety of chronic, age-related issues, such as joint pain, inflammation and other fluid/connective tissue ailments.

Ozone and Cancer

While there’s no FDA approved ozone treatment for cancer, there is plenty of positive and suggestive research. The prevailing theory is that cancer cells thrive in low oxygen environments[3]. And with ozone’s ability to increase the efficiency and energy of healthy cells in the body, it’s thought that ozone boosts the immune system in a way that triggers the mechanism used to detect and kill quickly-replicating cancer cells.

Another potential use is during chemotherapy. In general, chemo robs the body of oxygen (making it hypoxic), so ozone can potentially play a role in supplementing much-needed oxygen levels. In one particular study, 18 late-term or metastatic cancer patients were given ozone treatment as part of their chemo regimen. The results were promising, indicating “that ozone therapy could increase oxygenation in the most hypoxic tumors. This suggests the potential use of this therapy as adjuvant in chemo-radiotherapy schedules.”[4]

Improve Your Energy Levels

With its anti-aging and oxygen-promoting properties, an excellent “by-product” of ozone therapy is improved energy. It’s all driven at the cellular level. Ozone therapy triggers glycolysis production in cells by increasing ATP levels[5]. The end result is a natural boost in intracellular energy, keeping you healthier, more alert and less prone to mid-day energy crashes (even in the face of caffeine and other stimulants).

Ozone treatments in the U.S.

While a large number of holistic and naturopathic clinics already offer ozone therapy, a growing number of traditional clinics are starting to add it to their treatment list, especially for unresponsive illnesses. Unfortunately, as with most alternative treatments, it’s typically not covered by insurance so you’ll have to weight the upside against the cost.

Option B is at-home treatment. It typically runs a few hundred dollars to get a machine and the required accessories; of course, the upside is there’s essentially no cost thereafter. Just make sure to do your due diligence: read plenty of ozone generator reviews and ask around before you dive in. Word of warning – you’re probably better off not buying overseas (there’s usually no quality control in place, so units don’t tend to last very long, have limited – or no warranties – and may not be as powerful as claimed). As with most home appliances, brand recognition usually equates to value.

Everything considered, ozone therapy is potentially a great, alternative way to stay (or get) healthy. If in your budget, it’s probably worth giving it a try and letting your body’s response lead the way.

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