Essential Development Milestones For Toddlers

6 Essential Development Milestones For Toddlers

Talking is one of the toddler milestones that are usually the most memorable, but did you know that there are other lesser milestones that your toddler will accomplish between the age of one and two years.

Knowing Their Body Parts

Toddlers can start indicating their facial features when asked by about 13 months and should know at least ten by the age of 24 months. Parents can start teaching them by stating body parts when dressing or bathing their toddlers. Take plenty of good photos to monitor the growth of he toddler. You can follow some good photographer to know how to take detailed photos.

From Words To Sentences

Baby’s typically say their first word around one year, but when they turn two, they must be able to speak in short sentences or phrases. At eighteen months, your toddler will start giving brief instructions like “carry me,” for instance. To promote verbal development, avoid limiting your speech. Make explanations in full sentences, read books with your child, and ask them questions about their observations of what is happening on each page.

Pretend play

Most toddlers start mimicking their parent’s actions with a particular purpose, i.e., carrying handbags, answering phones, or kissing their dollies around about 18-24 months. They are not just copying; they are beginning to pretend. From this milestone, an entire world of imaginative play will be revealed to your child. And from here on, it will almost be as if he is living his parents’ life in minuscule – creating a world of his own. Toys play an essential role in this milestone; for instance, little girls playing with their dolls, pretending that it is their babies.


A small action like jumping may seem like an easy one to adults, but for your little one, it necessitates coordination, courage, and strength to master this milestone. Most toddlers only complete this milestone by around 24 months or after, but it won’t deter them from trying from about eighteen months, failing to get both their feet from the ground simultaneously.


Most children can grasp a crayon, moving it around a page when they are between 12 and 13 months. But for at least a year or more, you’ll only see a few squiggles on the page. Towards the conclusion of their second year, you’ll start noticing their drawings representing something. But it may be hard to distinguish a dog among all the blue scribbles on the page. However, that should not prevent you from giving praise. Always keep art items available to nurture your little one’s budding artistic talents.

Taking care of

Sometimes this milestone can be more of a blessing than a curse. Soon after their 01st birthday, toddlers want to start feeding themselves. It may not be a huge success, but it won’t stop them from being adamant about attempting it without your help. This milestone pertains to everything, from pushing the lift buttons to dressing themselves. This newly found independence may challenge your patience since it can take ages to finish a simple take but try to make the time, allowing them to take the first steps in taking care of themselves.