Different Stages of Gum or Periodontal Disease

When you do not observe proper oral hygiene, you will become more susceptible to infections or other dental conditions that may badly affect your mouth’s health in the long run. One of the most common and most dangerous dental problems that you may get is gum or periodontal disease. This happens when your gums is filled with bacteria and gets a bad infection. To give you an idea about what periodontal diseases really are, here are the three stages of this gum disease.

The 1st Stage: Gingivitis

The first stage of periodontal disease is the gum disease otherwise known as gingivitis. Gingivitis is literally referred to as the inflammation in the gums. Basically, this happens if bacteria and plaque build up in the gums. The bacteria seeps themselves into the gums, causing infection. The infection will later lead to inflammation which will eventually cause gum bleeding. When this happens, your gums will easily bleed when you brush them.

If you already get to this first stage, then you already have to visit a specialist. You may find some really good dental services online such as precisioninperio.com if you do not want to walk around your area to look for a dental service center.

The 2nd Stage: Periodontitis

The second stage of the gum disease is periodontitis. Periodontitis occurs only when the gingivitis is left untreated and has escalated.

During the second stage, the plaque that has accumulated in the gums have already become so hardened that they cannot be taken out through regular brushing of teeth anymore. In this stage, the plaque has reached the bottom of the gum line, which means that it has already spread further. Other conditions that occur with periodontitis is excessive bleeding of gums, halitosis, and swelling.

It is during this stage that the bacteria have already formed pockets or holes in the dental tissue and ligaments. When this happens, the teeth is already split apart and may already fall off. Although the second stage is already quite serious, it still can be treated if attended to by a professional dentist.

The 3rd Stage: Advanced Periodontitis

The last and the third stage of the gum disease is advanced periodontitis. This is the most serious stage of them all.

During the second stage, the periodontitis creates holes in the gums due to the movement of bacteria. In the third stage, the holes are much bigger. They scratch the bones that hold the teeth together. This is why there is permanent tooth loss. Other symptoms of the advanced periodontitis are inflammations and formation of pus in the gums. When this happens, you will even have a hard time biting or even moving your mouth.

Severe periodontitis is a condition that is too complicated that it is incurable. It includes damage to the bone and the teeth. When you’ve reached this stage, the only way to repair your teeth again is through an implant.


Do not wait to get to the third stage. At the earliest signs of a gum disease, consult a professional right away. If left unattended, you will suffer emotionally, physically, and financially.


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