How Acidic Drinks Affect Teeth

Did you know that acidic drinks can have a bad effect on your teeth? If you are an avid drinker of beverages such as coffee or sodas, then you might want to consider changing your preferences as they may damage your teeth in the long run.

Drinks that have high acidity contain high pH levels which can destroy the outer protection of the teeth. High level pH beverages can also cause enamel erosion wherein the enamel will be permanently damaged to the point that it can’t grow back anymore. Of course, if you have already observed that your teeth are getting a bit out of shape already, then you should go pay a visit to one of the Best dentists in Naperville that you can find in order to get your teeth checked.

Symptoms of Acidity in Teeth

The first sign that you will notice when suffering from too much acidity is discoloration of the teeth. If your teeth becomes extremely yellow, this is probably a sign that the dentin, which is found underneath the tooth, is already exposed. When this happens, the tooth itself will change in color. After that, you will notice that your tooth sensitivity will go up. This means that you may suffer from pain whenever you bite or drink something.  

Overall, your eating will be disturbed as you will have trouble eating or drinking because of the pain. In the long run, you would notice that your diet is not too good and that you will probably be losing some weight.

Acidic Drinks Other Than Soda Or Coffee

When one thinks of acidic drinks, he or she automatically thinks of coffee or soda because these are the two most common drinks with high acidity. However, typically healthy beverages may also be quite harmful to teeth. Examples of drinks like these are citrus drinks such as orange juice, lemon juice, and grapefruit juice. In fact, the acidity level of lime or lemon juice may actually match the acidity level of a battery. Other than that, alcoholic drinks such as wine and beer have a high acidity level as well.

What You Can Do

Although red wine has lower acidity level compared to other alcoholic drinks, it still pays to only consume any alcoholic drink in moderation.

Also, after taking high acidity drinks, it is always good to brush the teeth, floss, and gargle mouth wash right away. These will take out the acidic components from your mouth. Never go to bed right after drinking alcoholic beverages or any other high acidity drinks as the severity will spread faster while you sleep.

Final Thoughts

In order to protect your teeth, you have to make sure that you take acidic drinks in moderation and also observe good dental hygiene so that the acidity will not badly affect your teeth. When necessary, consult your dentist. The key here is early prevention because if you allow it to stay too long without any dental care, the effects may be irreversible already.