Dosing Hemp Properly

When you’re providing hemp for your dog, you might be concerned about how to ensure they consume the right amount of it. Too little, and they won’t be helped at all. Too much, and they may even be harmed. If you’re thinking about this right now, then we’ve written this article to help you. There are guidelines available that give you instructions on how to give your dog hemp in a proper manner, and we will summarize them for you here. That way you’ll know exactly what you’re doing when giving them hemp. 

  • The Size Of Your Dog

The amount of hemp you give your dog will depend on their size and weight. Bigger dogs will require a stronger dose, whereas smaller dogs will require a weaker dose. The way you can do this is by using a list of figures. If your dog is 10lbs then the dosage should be 1 ml. For every additional 10lbs of weight, simply add 0.5ml of hemp. 

  • The Hemp Strength

However, there is also an additional element that you need to consider, and that’s the strength of the hemp formula. Depending on what hemp formula you get, you’ll need to adjust the dosage. For example, you can get hemp in 75mg, 150mg, 300mg, and 600mg variants. Generally the greater the amount, the more hemp there is in each ml. There is plenty of guidance available online regarding this topic, but it is one that you need to keep in mind. 

  • The Problem 

When you’re seeking out hemp to use as a remedy for your dog’s condition, you should keep in mind that not all conditions require the same amount of hemp to treat. This means that you’ll need to do additional research to find out the precise amounts of hemp that are suitable for the condition you are treating. If you only use a generic dosage schedule that is not tailored to that condition, then you run the risk of doing more harm than good or of making no difference at all to your dog’s health. 

  • The Length of Treatment 

If your dog is suffering from a particularly severe form of their condition, then they may need to take hemp for longer. Similarly, if they only have a mild version of their health problem, then they probably won’t need to consume as much hemp. Usually, your vet can make a judgment about the severity of their condition, so it’s always worth taking your dog to see a vet before you begin any treatment routines. 

  • Getting Treats 

If you’re struggling to regulate the dosage of hemp for your dog, then you can always try getting some soft chew cbd treats instead. These already contain a fixed dose of hemp, so make it much easier for you to ensure your dog is getting the correct amount of hemp throughout the days, weeks, and months of their treatment plan. That way you can rest assured that your dog is healing without going through all the fuss of using oil and dripping a specific amount into their mouth every day. 

  • Conclusion 

Hemp can work wonders for your dog if you give it to them properly. This is mainly a matter of finding a convenient way to give them the proper dosage. As you can see, you can do this with oils if you measure out specific amounts on a regular basis. However, as we said, if this seems too much of a challenge, then you can also get some treats to help them. These also tend to be easier for your dog to digest.