Effective Home Remedies for Health Fatigue

Fatigue is a natural part of life. Everyone is going to end up feeling a bit run down at some point in their lives. But, when it starts interfering with your job or your family commitments, you probably want a way to shake it. If you are otherwise healthy and you are dealing with ongoing fatigue there are some easy and effective ways that you can get more energy. The-Health-Review website has practical reviews that can help you with fatigue, but here are some tips:

What You See

Have you ever noticed how excited you get when you see a super charged, glossy red sports car race on by you on a busy highway? It’s not that you even want one, it is just that beast of a car really has an effect on you. It might be the color red that is doing it. Red and other bright, vibrant colors can actually stimulate you to feel more energized just by looking at it. You can get the benefit by slipping on red clothes or even painting your nails a bright shade.

What You Hear

Certain music will relax you. Certain music will make you happier and others will make you sad. The right music can get your energy levels back to normal even if you make no other changes. Try using music that you associate with a high energy activity like the music that you use when you work out. If you feel your toes start tapping, let them do their thing. First the toes and then the whole body will start to feel like it needs to move.

What You Taste

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Everything that you eat or drink can play a role in your energy levels. Healthy, well-balanced diets will give you the nutrients that you need to be at your best health and to have high levels of energy. Whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables and lean proteins are key to energy production. If you need to supplement choose a daily vitamin that has the right level of iron as well as the full range of B vitamins.

Drinking plenty of water can also help. Dehydration is a huge problem especially for people who are prone to fatigue. They don’t want to be up at night going to the bathroom so they limit their water and wake up slightly dehydrated already. Then they go about their day and neglect to get enough water and the dehydration worsens resulting in even more fatigue.

What You Smell

Certain scents can help invigorate the body. These include citrus smells, peppermint, cinnamon and more. Even chewing a stick of minty or cinnamon gum can help get you back on track without needing to nap. You can use a drop or two of essential oils or even rub a peppermint leaf between your fingers, releasing its scent and oils.

What You Feel

While not always healthy, sometimes getting a little bit of rage out can not only clear your head and free your emotions but give you a burst of energy as well. If you prefer a less aggressive approach you can learn a few yoga poses that are perfect for sending blood flow to the head and increasing your energy levels. Yoga breathing including alternate nostril breathing or breath of fire can also give you a fantastic level of energy that will sustain you through the entire day. If you have never done yoga or are unfamiliar with breath of fire it is important that you start with short bursts and work up to longer practices. Watching a video or an experienced yoga instructor is the best way to learn this very beneficial breathing technique.