Prescriptions or Natural Remedies: When Are They Appropriate?

Chemotherapy is a must for fighting off cancer. The common cold can be weaned off with over the counter cough syrup. These and others are just a few marvels of modern medicine. But, are there any cures to be found in nature?

    What we consider alternative medicine may have been legitimate centuries ago. Advances in pharmacology have synthesized home remedies of the past to isolate their pure curative properties. The yearly vaccinations we take, for example, wouldn’t have existed if Alexander Fleming hadn’t synthesized food mold to create penicillin.

    Switching from prescription medication to natural remedies is trick, to say the least. The cure would have to fit the illness. Listed below are a few conditions that could be treated with either.

Weak Bones

    Osteoporosis is where your bones are wearing thin, but having osteopenia means your bones are already thin enough to easily break. Whether you have already broken bones or not determines the kind of treatment you can receive.

    Supplements of calcium and vitamin D are the best natural remedies for weak bones. An adult’s dosage of calcium should be within 1,000-1,200 milligrams while vitamin D should be anywhere from 600 to 800 international units. If your intake is within those ranges and you’re still experiencing weak bones, you may need to take bisphosphonates. Bisphosphonates will slow down the erosion of your bones.


    Some individuals develop eczema due to allergies. Pet dander, food allergens, or other irritants may cause rashes to develop. The American Academy of Dermatologists reports the 3% of adults who get eczema may have had it as children.

    Since there’s no cure for eczema, doctors are likely to prescribe a topical steroid cream. If negative side-effects are an issue, coconut oil can be used as an organic substitute. Studies have found coconut oil decreases the staph bacteria on rashes by 95%. A similar application can be done with banana peels.   

High Blood Pressure

    An estimated 144 million blood pressure prescriptions are filled every year. Physicians agree it’s best to use medications to control your blood pressure and use natural therapies to wean off them entirely.

    If you’ve already been prescribed Zestril or Norvasc, then you may want to up your intake. Getting a daily dose of potassium and magnesium can help to lower blood pressure. Antioxidants like Coenzyme Q10 can dilate blood vessels, lowering pressure by 30 to 40 points. The highest quality Q10 supplements are from Enzymatic Therapeutics and Integrative Therapies.

Muscle Spasms

    Inflammatory disorders are the body’s warning sirens for a far serious issue. These symptoms can manifest as muscle spasms in your neck and back.  

    Pain medications containing acetaminophen, such as Tylenol, can relieve pain only for awhile. Muscle pain can be caused by a combination of dehydration and inactivity. Drinking six glasses of water a day can replenish lost fluids. Before you jump into any physical activity, you can do some basic stretching exercises. If you’ve done all these things and pain persists, try over the counter Icy Hot patches.