Elliptical cross trainers are the answer to the nation’s sitting disease problem

In the 1960s at least 50% of the jobs in the US required people to be on their toes. Right now, over 86% of the jobs in the market are desk jobs. These need people to sit for the majority of their work hours. The shift in work trends matches the nation’s steady rise in weight gain in the last fifty years. Today, people spend only about 120 to 140 calories per day on during their days in the office. That roughly amounts to just an hour of regular walking on the roads or a treadmill! It is no shocker that close to 33% of the American adults suffer from obesity.

Today, we keep hearing about the sitting disease. Do you think you could be at risk for a sitting disease? Research shows that an average American adult spends approximately 13 long hours sitting. You may be watching TV shows, binge-watching the LOTR movies or finishing the data entry work at your desk, but you are barely moving around. So, your metabolism does not get the impetus it usually should. A sitting disease refers to the effect constant inactivity has on your body. It includes symptoms like frozen joints, increased predisposition towards acid reflux and flatulence, abnormal hunger, the desire to binge on high-calorie food at awkward hours, to enhanced deposition of fat around the waistline.

Why are we becoming increasingly unhealthy?

Sitting for long hours slows down the overall fat burning mechanism of a body. Lack of enough activity stimulates rapid deposition of fat. Although “sitting disease” is not a diagnosable disorder, it includes many lifestyle disorders including type 2 diabetes, atherosclerosis, obesity, hypertension, and heightened risk of strokes. Research shows that sedentary lifestyles can increase a person’s predisposition to at least one of these diseases. So why do people not exercise?

  • Exercising is boring
  • Being a gym member is a costly affair
  • The lack of knowledge about training equipment
  • The lack of time due to work and family responsibilities
  • Not enough motivation for working out

Most adults insist that their daily lifestyle does not require them to exercise. Mobiles and laptops have brought the world at our doorsteps. As a result, we complete simple chores including ordering food and buying groceries from the comforts of our chairs whenever we can!

How do cross trainers shoo boredom away from workout regimens?

Did you know? Cross trainers can eliminate boredom from your daily workout routine and give you the results of the exercise in less than a couple of weeks. If you do not know how to use a cross trainer correctly, you can follow the hundreds of video blogs of fitness experts on YouTube. For many, buying an elliptical cross trainer is a significant monitory commitment. It can seem like an unnecessary expense especially if you are unsure about using it in the distant future. In such a scenario, you can think about hiring an elliptical cross trainer from reputed fitness equipment renting centre. Click here to learn more about hiring fitness equipment for adopting a healthy lifestyle.

How can elliptical trainers add fitness to your life?

Elliptical cross trainers are anything but boring! If you have tried working out by yourself at home or running in the mornings, you might doubt the effectiveness of this equipment in curtailing the boredom. We don’t blame you! However, we can give you enough reason to fall in love with this fitness equipment before you even unpack your new cross trainer –

  • It will revive your joints

At the end of each day, we cannot wait to stretch our legs and back. However, no amount of stretching is enough. Sometimes, we wish we had a personal masseuse to help us relax the knotted muscles and free up the joints. With an elliptical cross trainer, you will never feel the lack of a personal therapist or masseuse. Your joints will thank you after each brief workout. You can spend as less as 20 minutes or as much as 40 minutes doing your routine on the cross trainers, and that will be enough to free up the sore muscles. You will always be ready to take on the next day’s challenge.

  • You will be working your arms as well

Runners and cyclists may have strong quadriceps and hamstrings, but unless they are lifting weights or doing upper body workouts, their arm muscles remain weak. Adding cross-training routines to your regular running and walking habits will enable you to tone your arms, free up your shoulder muscles and relax your back. Check out the complete body workouts on the cross trainers today!

  • Effect on your core muscles

Even the most seasoned gym goers do not like working on their core muscles due to the high-intensity exercises necessary to develop them. However, you can ignore costly gym memberships and forget planking with the new elliptical cross trainer on its way. Maintaining the correct intensity and an upright posture will help you train your core. Going “hands –free” on the trainer will help you increase your postural training effect and undo the damage prolonged hours of sitting does to your back.

  • It saves a lot of space

Elliptical trainers always take up less space than other contemporary training equipment. If you don’t believe us, you can always rent one for about a week and see it for yourself. Compared to treadmills, cross trainers are more compact, and you can fold them up after use. Most fitness enthusiasts confirm that these exercising units take up lesser space than the average exercising cycle or regular bicycles.

Elliptical cross trainers can stimulate your metabolism and burn all the stored fat in your body. After an entire day of sitting around at your desk and then sitting with your friends at the bar, you need a little activity in your life to keep you healthy and fit. The cross trainer can provide you with the fitness you need to prevent the lifestyle diseases.