Guide For The Optimal Kratom Dosage

Kratom is basically a plant, the leaves of which were used for different relaxation purposes over the centuries. Due to its pain relieving and mood enhancing properties, Kratom has been the choice of many people in the Southeast Asian as well as in Western regions. Today, Kratom is present in the form of a drug, which has painkilling, inflammation reducing and anti-depressing properties. Available in many forms such as solution, pills, powder, and even dried leaves providing a variety of choices to the consumer. It has gain popularity on the western side as well over the decades.

Kratom dosage:

Kratom constitutes of a component called Mitragynine which helps to get rid of depression, stress and relaxes your body so you can freshen up your mind and concentrate on your work in a peaceful manner. Kratom can prove to be a handy medication for laborers, farmers, carpenters, and hard workers because they have long working hours. Even the office workers can benefit from it. The right amount of Kratom can be very helpful but improper use can make the matters worse. It is important to know about it and read Kratom reviews online before you start your dose. There are many ways to consume Kratom i.e. mixing it in yogurt, protein shake, tea etc. It can even be injected easily. It is similar to coffee in many ways and can help freshen up your mind to a great extent.

Tips for Kratom Dosage:

Whether you have just started on Kratom, or even if you are a regular user, a little guidance about the consumption in necessary. Here are some benevolent tips for all the Kratom consumers out there to guide them about the optimal Kratom dosage:

  • It is important that while beginning with your Kratom dosage, you start in small quantity.
  • Increase your dosage slowly. It can affect your tolerance level otherwise.
  • The optimal dose depends upon some factors such as age, weight, body measurement etc.
  • Do remember that you must take Kratom on empty stomach.
  • It is important that you keep in mind while suffering from any mental disorder, alcohol consumers and pregnant ladies avoid Kratom consumption because it can result in serious harm to your health.
  • Regular consumers of Kratom, when stopping the consumption, May experience acute illness.
  • Legality issues may arise as in some countries, as Kratom consumption is banned there. Do check the governmental law before you order your dosage.
  • Excessive amounts of Kratom can get you high and lead to a headache and nauseous condition.


Kratom can be very helpful in use as well as can cause harm to your health. But this depends on how you consume it. One should consult a Kratom Master in order to stay safe and assure the right amount of dose. It is relatively cheaper than most of the antidepressants. If you need to relax and enhance your mood or need a pain-relieving medication then Kratom is the right choice. It is easily available to be ordered online.