Experience, Knowledge and Excellence: The Compassion of Clear Sky Recovery

Compassion is essential for helping someone overcome drug dependency.

I know how rare that quality is.

I also know how sincere that feeling is at Clear Sky Recovery.

I write these words because I have no doubt about the facts, that helping
people is at the heart of this group’s mission; that empowering patients is
this center’s goal; that joining these men and women on the journey to
reclaim their lives is this organization’s reason for being; that every
individual has specific needs, which this facility treats with sympathy and

Of added importance is Clear Sky Recovery’s 20-plus of experience involving
ibogaine treatment.

That fact matters – a lot – for two reasons.

First, there are (unfortunately) centers that either exaggerate the effects
of ibogaine – that it is the cure for addiction – or do not have the staff
to oversee the use of this treatment.

Secondly, expertise is critical for the effective – and safe – application
of ibogaine.

That means there must be staff with the training to handle all emergencies
and master the most advanced, state-of-the-art medical technology

When I look at Clear Sky Recovery’s record of success, when I see their
commitment to safety and the absence of any serious complications or
adverse reactions among thousands of patients whom they have treated, when
I read so many unsolicited testimonials and listen to the founders of this
facility speak, when I hear these leaders talk with clarity and conviction,
I come to an undeniable conclusion: They – the doctors, consultants,
counselors, technicians, nurses and staff – mean it; they do it; they live

Allow me, then, to expand on this theme about compassion; because that
attitude is not only a state of mind, it is a place where patients should
enjoy peace of mind.

Picture a luxurious destination, where the environment inside is as
inviting as the atmosphere outside.

Think of the clinicians, scientists and psychologists there to comfort the
conflicted and assist the afflicted.

Think of the beauty of Mother Nature and imagine the nurturing beauty of
compassionate care.

Think of the support necessary for self-confidence and the safety crucial
for self-improvement.

Think, too, of the credibility only a licensed medical facility can
possess, with the physicians whose credibility few possess.

Think of better days, of sunlit skies of warmth and healing.

Think of basking in a clear Sky of recovery.